Review: Naomi Dixon


My little boy started Little Voices at the Kirkham location back in September and he LOVES it! He gets excited to go, which is amazing to see!
He went to another drama school previously and he liked it at first but as the classes grew the more he felt uneasy and started not wanting to go at all.
The first thing that attracted me to LV when researching places local to us is that the classes were small and will always will be small. So he feels a lot more comfortable in a smaller group and has built some lovely friendships too.
Ellena and her mum made him feel so welcome from the first moment he arrived. They are such lovely, positive and fun people!
My son has had to do some online classes with Ellena and the rest of the class over this last lockdown but he still had the best time, even over a screen! Ellena did a wonderful job of keeping their spirits up and getting them to do what they would usually do in class.
He is back to normal lessons from tonight and he has gone to school this morning excited for Little voices tonight!
Ellena is always really good with communicating with people through email as well, keeping us all updated in everything and quick and helpful with replying.
I highly recommend LV for anyone who is thinking of sending their children. It is especially perfect for those with children who may not have a lot of confidence or struggle to be around too many people.
Thank you Ellena for always making the lessons fun and well structured for them!