Review: Mrs S


My son definitely lacks confidence, particularly in new situations. It’s early days yet, but I feel Little Voices is already helping him in this respect – the very fact that he looks forward to classes each week is a great sign!
I was slightly hesitant to commit to the classes as I never know how well my son is going to deal with these things, but Lorraine was fantastic in offering us free trial classes to help us decide if it was a good fit. It made me much more comfortable signing up to the monthly programme after a few of these!
Lorraine has been so helpful and done everything she could to make my son feel at ease with the classes, as well as answering any questions I had before signing up. My son loves both her and SJ who runs his class and has a great time whoever is teaching!
I feel Little Voices has helped my son develop confidence and realise that he can enjoy himself and have fun even when not with his usual close friends. It’s great to see him looking forward to the classes and showing no hesitance in going in alone. I also love the fact that it is a music-based class – we do our fair share of sports-led activities, which are great, but it’s really good to have the balance of creativity in addition to these.