Meet the Little Voices Leicester Team

Meet the Little Voices Leicester Team

Maggie – Principal

Growing up I was fortunate to begin dance lessons at the age of 6. The thrill of life on the stage led me to pursue further opportunities involving musical theatre, singing and drama and soon my route through education followed the same path. My passion for performing arts continued into my teenage years, where I joined the Nottingham Education Theatre Company, and I was fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded, passionate and talented young adults who later became friends for life. 


Desperate to continue doing what I loved, but also work with children, becoming a primary school teacher was the obvious profession for me. In my first year, I quickly established an after school theatre club and directed several musicals. Within the classroom, I would take every opportunity to bring in drama or singing and very soon realised how vitally important these skills were in developing confident children who could use their voice. 


Anybody who has ever experienced the buzz of life in the performing arts will understand that it never really leaves you. I now have two children of my own, aged 8 and 6, and I have always encouraged them to have the confidence to speak out and be the best that they can be, in every situation. 


This year marks my eighteenth year as a primary school teacher, a profession I have wholeheartedly loved; however, seeing the pressures young people are facing and the effects on their mental health and well-being, I felt driven to use my experience to inspire and nurture the next generation.


All children have the right to develop the life skills they need to be happy, confident, unique and heard and so I am thrilled to be bringing Little Voices to the children and young people of Leicester. 




Meet the Little Voices Leicester Team

Maggie Harrison

Principal - Leicester

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