We love getting fantastic reviews by our customers, parents have left some below for you to look at before deciding to book our classes for your children.
Little Voices Hackney create a foundation for their students
– they also built their confidence across all ages.
– provide an inspiration
– my daughter enjoy every thing and she is very very happy and looks forward to attending her classes every week.
– Joyce Hawa Sesay
(Daughter- Jenelle) Pupil with Little Voices Hackney for 4 years.
Little voices classes are incredible, my son loves going every Saturday. Since joining it has increased his confidence and use of language and engagement. Kat who is the principal is very lovely and helpful she always brings such a beautiful energy and the kids love being around her. The classes involve singing and drama these activities are great for the kids as they are able to develop their abilities but also make new friends and learn new poems and songs. I’m really pleased with the classes so much so that I had to let me nephew get involved too. It is definitely a worthwhile experience for the children.
-Eunice Osaro Ossailly
My daughter Tobi loves attending Little voices every Saturday. She was a tad shy when she joined but a few weeks into the classes she has really stepped out of her shell and has increased in confidence. The end of term performance is fantastic as the children get to perform in-front of a audience. Tobi looks forward to this. I highly recommend Little Voices hackney!
-Yeenks Bally
Little Voices Hackney looks to be something that can provide unique, close hand drama and singing for their pupils. The small classes really make a huge difference. I’ve witnessed the classes and can truly say that they would be a wonderful experience for any child, be that for developing an already experienced youngster or bringing someone brand new to this environment. Kat Perdikomati is sure to be the spark the lights the flame of success and growth to this centre. With her previous experience in her own music school, East London Piano, she will bring in the newest and most exciting material for all that venture into this world of learning and showbiz!
-Alex Hill-Knights

Kat Perdikomati

Principal - Hackney