The Little Voices Confidence Challenge

The Little Voices Confidence Challenge
Grow your child's self esteem with our at home challenge!

Does your tiny, tween or teen lack self belief?

Could they do with a boost in confidence?


Imagine how it would feel if they believed in themselves, had more self-esteem and stood tall and proud. Picture your child walking confidently into a family gathering, chatting confidently with a teacher at school, reading out loud or making a speech in assembly – and smashing those college interviews.


Little Voices can help!

Simply CLICK HERE  and we will send our Little Voices Confidence Challenge, for your child to work through in their own time at home.

What’s the catch?  There isn’t one! Just a happier, more confident child, full of self-belief and positivity!

Because we believe that every child deserves to feel good about themselves and be happy.