Benefits of Drama and Singing Lessons

Benefits of Drama and Singing Lessons

Drama and Singing lessons have LOADS of benefits for young people!

Here at Little Voices Suffolk we are going to shout about the many reasons why drama and singing lessons are AMAZING for young people – after all it is our job! Whilst drama and singing lessons help young people to pursue their dreams of a life on the stage, they also help with other skills that they can transfer into other areas of life.

Our Little Voices lessons will teach skills such as good eye contact, the ability to handle nerves and effective speaking and presentation skills – all of which are skills for life.

The Benefits of Drama

Our structured drama lessons at Little Voices have a wealth of benefits for children & young people. As well as promoting communication, teamwork & social skills, our lessons:

  • enable young people to develop emotional intelligence – by picking up on social cues, but also exploring their own emotions
  • teach young people how to express themselves vocally and physically (body language and facial expressions)
  • build confidence
  • stimulate creativity and imagination
  • improve concentration and listening skills

All of this is of course whilst having lots of fun and making new friends along the way!

The Benefits of Singing

Singing is a fantastic way to boost your mood. We all feel better after singing along to our favourite song – parents included!

Singing in a group promotes positive mental health & wellbeing by:

  • releasing lots of happy hormones
  • boosting your mood
  • boosting your immunity
  • lowering stress & anxiety levels

So not only will singing make your child feel good, it will do them good too!