What is LAMDA?

What is LAMDA?

LAMDA – The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art

Here at Little Voices we work closely with LAMDA and their exam syllabus because of the high standards and outstanding reputation worldwide. LAMDA exams are recognised all over the world and certificates can be included on your child’s CV or University application. Some exams also carry UCAS points that may help with University entry.

LAMDA exams at Little Voices Suffolk

At Little Voices Suffolk, your child will have the chance to be entered for LAMDA exams at least once in any academic year – this is included in the weekly class cost. We understand that your child may feel nervous or apprehensive before the exam, but we know from experience that they’ll leave feeling happy, with their heads held high and a real sense of pride!

We see exams as an exciting opportunity and want your child to enjoy the experience. In the lead up to their exam we’ll practice every aspect over and over again with them in their lesson so they’ll feel more comfortable and happy about it.

What exams do we offer?

Here at Little Voices Suffolk age and ability is taken into account when putting your child in for their exams. LAMDA offer a variety of exams that all require different skills.

Our Mini Voices pupils work through LAMDA’s Introductory Communication Exams, which help them gain confidence & boost their communication skills.

Whilst our older Little Voices and Voices pupils work through LAMDA’s Musical Theatre & Acting exams. These help develop their musical & acting skills. These exams will most likely be in a group, however solo/duo exams are also a possibility.