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Singing & drama lessons have loads of benefits for children!

As well as helping them pursue their dreams of a life on the stage, they also help with other life skills that they can transfer into other areas as they grow up.

Once mastered, things like good eye contact, correct posture, proper breathing, the ability to handle anxiety and nerves, improved diction & pronunciation, and effective speaking & presentation skills, will all carry them through into their teenage & adult years.

The benefits of singing

Singing is a massive mood-booster – just play your favourite song and have a good old singalong! See how uplifted you feel afterwards?

Singing in a group promotes positive mental health & wellbeing. It:

  • releases lots of happy hormones
  • boosts your mood
  • lowers stress & anxiety levels
  • boosts your immunity

So not only will singing make your child feel good, it will do them good, too!

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The benefits of drama

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Taking part in structured drama lessons has a wealth of social & psychological benefits for kids & young people. As well as promoting communication, teamwork & social skills, drama:

  • fosters empathy, helping them develop a better understanding of situations they might not normally come across in their day-to-day lives
  • helps them develop their emotional intelligence – the ability to pick-up on signals from other people, react in an appropriate way, and explore their own feelings & emotions
  • teaches them how to express themselves not only through what they say, but also through their body language & facial expressions
  • builds their confidence
  • helps them learn how to project their voice (without having to shout)
  • stimulates their creativity & imagination
  • improves their concentration skills (crucial for all aspects of learning)

Plus they’ll have lots of fun & make new friends along the way!