Little Voices workshops, theatre weeks & camps are for children aged between 4 and 16 years, whether or not they already attend our weekly classes.

Singing & drama lessons have lots of benefits for children, and these special sessions are a fun & fresh way for your child to spend their half-term breaks & school holidays.

And not only do they give children the chance to shine on stage, they’re also great for giving their self-confidence a boost too.

Over the course of a fun-packed week, your child will work with a small group to help create & take part in a dazzling production they’ll be proud of.

From learning songs & dance routines and rehearsing their scenes, through to the excitement of props, costumes & lighting, and putting on the show in front of an audience on the final day, they’ll not only learn new acting & vocal skills, but they’ll make lots of new friends & learn crucial teambuilding skills along the way!

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How our workshops, theatre weeks & camps work

On day 1, most children walk into the room feeling a little nervous, and not quite sure what to expect.

But by the end of the day, they all leave feeling happy & excited, with a new set of friends, a script that they’ll want to take ownership of, and looking forward to performing in front of their family at the end of the week!

To ensure that every single child is completely happy within their group, we start & finish each day with some fun drama games, which incorporate teambuilding, confidence, vocal and acting skills.

So by taking part in one of our Little Voices workshops, theatre weeks or camps, your child will:

  • learn an entire script in just a few days
  • make lots of new friends • learn new singing, acting & dancing skills
  • boost their confidence
  • learn how to behave on the stage • benefit from new teambuilding skills
  • enjoy the thrill of putting together a whole production from start to finish!
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