Our Voices classes are for older children and young people aged 12 – 18 years old, and this is where we start to see the Little Voices training brought to centre stage!

Like all our singing & drama lessons, Voices classes have lots of benefits.

Furthermore, this is the age at which your child will be going through lots of hormonal changes, some of which may affect their voice (girls, as well as boys). The support, training & confidence they get from their Voices lessons will help them through this tricky period in their lives.

Your child will continue with their LAMDA exams, and as they start to acquire the advanced grades, the marks they achieve often provide a valuable contribution to UCAS points for entry to university.

So whether your child has their sights set on a future career in the arts; or they’re simply keen to build their life skills so they can communicate well, conquer interviews, deliver effective presentations, use appropriate eye contact, have good posture, exude confidence and generally push the boundaries of their comfort zone, their Voices tutor will support them to meet their goals.

Little Voices 24

My daughters have been attending ‘Little Voices’ now for almost 6 years and they love it. Jane and all the Principals provide great tuition through small groups and now the Voices group has just completed their Grade 5 LAMDA exam and the results speak for themselves, achieving a high distinction. But it is so much more than exams themselves that are important – my daughters are really developing their overall confidence and enjoy the friendships they have built up with others in the group. A big thank you to the entire Little Voices team.
Louise Yates, Parent