Our Mini Voices singing & drama classes are for children between the ages of 4 – 7 years old, and will introduce them to the performing arts in a fun & friendly way.

Your child will benefit from being part of a very small group that we put together based on their friendships and ability, and this is where we’ll start to nurture their talents & focus on developing their emerging communication skills.

Because young children have short attention spans, each Mini Voices lesson lasts for 30 – 45 minutes so we can really tap into their concentration & learning abilities.

Your child will enjoy the benefits of both singing and drama; and like all our Mini Voices pupils, they’ll work towards LAMDA’s Introductory Communication Exams, which will help them gain confidence & boost their communication skills.

Little Voices 3

My daughter Grace (7) has been attending Mini Voices lessons in Blackburn for over 2 years. She loves the unique format of one week singing and the next dramatic arts (in rotation) which allows for focus and instruction. She thrives on learning in the small groups of similar age children and the professionalism of the teachers. Her singing ability, stage presence, confidence, self belief, poise, projection and clear diction has improved so much. She has so much fun and loves her teachers and friends that she learns with.
Samantha Tully, Parent