Being Supported

Jane 1

I read this article entitled STOP WORKING FOR PEANUTS” and it made me want to write myself!

It is a really hard juggling act when you teach and love a creative subject and then there is the awkward bit about money. If I didn’t have bills to pay and a daughter to look after of course I would give my time and expertise for free. But sadly that is not the way of the world and we all need to make a living. It is a realisation that I came to eight years ago.

It is really hard to explain to parents when you teach from home that if they miss a lesson it still needs to be paid for as that was your time that was allocated to teach. I know so many teachers that would rather juggle their diaries, sacrifice their own time with family and slot a pupil in somewhere else than have that awkward conversation about payments.

I know so many teachers that haven’t increased their prices for several years with the reasoning that the economy has been bad, people don’t have the money and they would lose pupils. Their bills have increased though; the heating bills, insurance etc! So they are worse off really. And to top it off it is really quite a lonely existence working for yourself.

On the whole as a teacher of drama/singing during term time we feel like we are earning a great hourly wage but when it comes to the end of the tax year and we submit everything to the accountants or prepare the tax return it is quite depressing. So the title of the article STOP WORKING FOR PEANUTS” really inspired me. I know how that feels and I know how I feel now. I found the answer, developed it and am now able to share that with others.

The key is:  You need a System, you need Structure, you need Support.