Welcome to Little Voices - Unlock Your Child's Potential!

Welcome to Little Voices - Unlock Your Child's Potential!
🌟 Discover the Power of Little Voices 🌟

πŸŽ‰ Are you ready to give your child a head start in life? Little Voices is here to ignite their curiosity, boost their confidence, and nurture their creativity. Our carefully crafted lessons are designed to bring out the best in your child, helping them develop essential skills while having a blast!

We would LOVE to welcome you to our extra special open afternoon.

Sessions available to book are..

  • St Mary’s Ealing- Mini Voices (4-6 years) Tuesday 3.45-4.15pm
  • Musical Museum- Mini Voices (4-6 years) Wednesday
  • Musical Museum- Little Voice and Voices (9 years+) Wednesday 5.55-6.40pm
  • Ealing Abbey Parish Centre- Mini Voices (
  • Ealing Abbey Parish Centre- Little Voices
  • Ealing Abbey Parish Centre-

πŸ”₯ Why Choose Little Voices? πŸ”₯

🌈 Empowerment Through Expression: Watch as your child discovers the joy of self-expression. Our sessions in drama, singing, and communication equip them with skills that last a lifetime.

πŸš€ Confidence that Soars: At Little Voices, we create an environment that nurtures confidence. Witness your child’s self-assurance blossom as they conquer new challenges, achieve a LAMDA qualification and make friends along the way.

🧩 Skills for Success: Beyond the traditional classroom, we focus on developing critical thinking, adaptability, decision making and creativity. These skills pave the way for a bright future.

πŸ€— Personal Growth, Redefined: Our expert tutors guide each child’s journey, celebrating their uniqueness and fostering personal growth in a nurturing environment.

🀝 Social Skills: Learning is more enjoyable with friends! Little Voices provides a supportive environment for children to interact, communicate, and build friendships.

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Unleash your child’s potential with:

🎈 Outstanding Singing and Acting lessons in extremely small group sizes (10 or less!)

🎈 Engaging sessions led by expert tutors

🎈 Fun, performing arts lessons tailored to your child’s age group

🎈 Achieve a LAMDA qualification, which will give an extra boost to their confidence

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πŸ“ž Have questions? We’re here to help! Contact our friendly support team at ealing@littlevoices.org.uk or call 07708177691

Unlock the world of possibilities with Little Voices. Your child’s journey starts here!

See what parents are saying about Little Voices:

🌟 “My daughter was very anxious when starting the trial lesson but left with the biggest smile on her face and wanting to join the class permanently. The teachers made her feel so comfortable and she had a great time!” – Sharan D

🌟 “My daughter is absolutely loving her lessons after school with Little Voices! She fitted in so well from the start & thriving with confidence! I am super impressed with how committed she is to learning scripts and she is giving it her all each week! Thank you Little Voices for guiding her x” – A Weatherall

🌟 “My very shy 4 years old daughter from lesson one thrives in these drama lessons and she cannot wait for her next lesson.” – Alla


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