World Book Day Event!

World Book Day Event!

We have noticed over the years how much our pupils LOVE a good character and a book..

Which means we naturally want to celebrate World Book Day!

We’re gearing up to offer an exciting week for local children, who will join our classes to explore and discuss some of their favourite stories.

Your child will get the chance to..

  • Be creative and use their imagination
  • Explore scripts or poems
  • Look at character development and using different emotions
  • Sing songs and discuss how they fit in the story
  • Work on communication skills through discussing favourite books and characters
  • And of course.. have lots of FUN!

All of our lessons are unique and planned based on the age group.




What should your child bring along?

  • Come dressed up as their favourite character
  • Bring along a book to chat about
  • Lots and lots of energy and imagination




Are you a school?

We can offer your school a free workshop based on your chosen book. We have recently put on a performance of Wonka, which was a blend between the much loved book and the new film- the children loved it! Please email us at if you are interested

Get ready for a week filled with imagination!

This event is FREE for new customers – all you need to do is book in for a free trial


1st Step… 

Choose your session below..

Tuesday 5th March- St Mary’s Ealing

  • Mini Voices (4-6 year olds) 3.45pm-4.15pm
  • Little Voices (6-8 years old) 4.15pm-5pm
  • Little Voices (9-12 years old) 5.10-5.55pm

Wednesday 6th March- The Musical Museum, Kew Bridge

  • Mini Voices (4-6 year olds) 4.20pm-4.50pm
  • Little Voices (6-8 years old) 5.00pm-5.45pm
  • Little Voices (9-12 years old) 5.55-6.40pm

Thursday 7th March- Ealing Abbey

  • Mini Voices (4-6 year olds)3.45pm-4.15pm2 boys sitting on the floor collaborating, which helps develop their social-emotional skills
  • Mini Voices (4-6 year olds) 4.30-5pm
  • Little Voices (6-8 years old) 4.15pm-5pm
  • Little Voices (7-10 years old) 5.10pm-5.55pm
  • Little Voices and Voices (9+) 6.05pm-6.55pm

2nd Step

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