What to think about when you’re comparing Little Voices with drama clubs and other performing arts schools

Red graphic with the words when is a drama club not a drama club?

“The classes at the drama club down the road are cheaper than Little Voices!”

“The classes at the other performing arts school last longer than Little Voices’ classes!”

“The drama club in the next town puts on lots of shows! Why doesn’t Little Voices?”

We get questions and comments like this all the time.

So it’s time to clear things up, once and for all.

We’re not a drama club

We offer expert training in both singing and drama – but we’re not a stage school, and we’re not a drama club.

Choosing Little Voices isn’t just about enrolling your child in a performing arts class.

It’s about uncovering their creativity, nurturing their confidence, and giving them essential skills that will help them time and time again as they go through life.

Skills such as:

  • good eye contact
  • correct posture
  • proper breathing
  • the ability to deal with anxiety and nerves
  • improved diction & pronunciation
  • effective speaking & presentation skills

Little Voices is an environment where your child’s confidence will blossom alongside all those skills, and they’ll develop a love for learning that goes beyond performance.

We’re a safe space for your child, where we’ll put them at the absolute heart of everything we do.

And we prioritise personalised learning and individual attention.

Because at Little Voices, we’re all about building well-rounded people who feel comfortable in their own skin, with the confidence to embrace their full potential – whatever that looks like.

A group of children from a Little Voices class, not a drama club. They're wearing a mixture of red, and white, polo shirts and hoodies.

But isn’t every performing arts school or drama club about learning?

Yes – but not necessarily in the same way.

Lots of schools and clubs focus on grand shows and performances – which is great, and that’s what some children love to do!

But we take a different approach.

We focus on each child’s unique needs and strengths, within small, supportive groups.

We alternate between singing and drama each week.

And we believe in shorter, focused lessons tailored to young minds’ attention spans.

That’s why we have just 8-10 children in a class – so your child’s voice can be heard, and their unique spark nurtured.

It’s also why our lessons are 30-45 minutes (depending on your child’s age).

We have highly experienced tutors, with the flexibility and skills to be able to tailor lessons to each child’s strengths and pace, rather than rushing through routines.

In short, enrolling your child with Little Voices gives them the personalised attention of a one-to-one singing or drama lesson, with all the confidence, social skills, and friendships that come from belonging to a group.

What’s more, yearly LAMDA exams that build communication skills become exciting stepping stones for your child, not daunting hurdles. They’ll actually enjoy the whole experience!

What about the pricing?

We believe in transparency and fairness, which is why our pricing structure means you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Each monthly payment covers everything your child will need to be part of Little Voices: their weekly lesson for 39 weeks of the year, as well as their uniform, exam fees, rehearsals, and even the exam itself.

Our pricing structure was designed by parents, for parents – so there’s no hidden surprises, just pure educational value.

So when you’re comparing Little Voices with other performing arts schools or drama clubs, make sure you’re comparing like with like (apples with apples, not apples with pears).

At Little Voices, it’s not just about the applause, it’s about the journey your child will go on.

And when you enrol your child with us, you’ll watch them discover not just their inner performer, but their whole, confident self.

At Little Voices, we offer all children a free trial class, just contact your local office to find out more.