Why you need to do your homework when choosing a children’s activity provider

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Is your child worth more than the bare minimum?

What do you look for when you’re trying to decide which children’s activity provider to entrust with your child?

Is cost the biggest factor?

Maybe you’re attracted to the brand colours, or prefer the look and feel of one company’s social media over another’s?

What about things like standards, training, reputation, and proven results?

Or do you think it’s just a kids’ class, so as long as they enjoy themselves, that’s all that matters?

Anyone can run classes for little ones

You might be surprised (or, like us, shocked) to learn that the children’s activities sector is still unregulated – but it’s true!

Unbelievably, anyone can set up a business and run classes for little ones without any official checks to ensure they’re qualified, their classes are well-structured and age-appropriate, that they’ve gone through the relevant criminal record checks, and that they have all the necessary insurance and safeguarding policies in place.

This is why it’s crucial to be well-informed and do your own research about the children’s activity provider you choose for your child.

Don’t just assume that because you see somebody running classes in your local school or community hall, they pop up all the time in your social media newsfeeds, or they have a fancy website, that they have everything in order and that someone’s checked them out.

The bare minimum you should be checking

As a bare minimum, ask the provider to show you a copy of their current Public Liability Insurance certificate, their safeguarding/health & safety policies, and confirmation that their teachers have all had enhanced DBS checks and the relevant qualifications or training.

But your child is worth more than the bare minimum, right?

Once you’re satisfied that they’ve met the basic requirements, look at things like:

  • How long they’ve been around
  • What their reputation’s like (ask around your friends, and check out as many of their reviews as you can)
  • How they compare to other similar businesses in your area
  • The background and qualifications of the person heading up the brand
  • If exams are part of what they offer, what their results are like

Then look at things like training in things like first aid, fire marshall, and GDPR.

You might think they’re insignificant, but when you’re dealing with things that might affect your child’s safety and data, you can never be too careful.

Look for an accredited children’s activity provider

Even better, look for an accredited children’s activity provider – one with a kitemark which shows they’ve proved they have everything in place to operate safely, such as the Children’s Activities Association (CAA).

Little Voices is a fully-accredited member of the CAA, so you can have peace of mind that every aspect of our operation – from compliance and training to customer service and programme delivery – has been rigorously assessed and independently verified to meet the highest standards in the industry.

So when you entrust your child to our care, you can rest assured they’re in expert hands.

Logo showing that Little Voices is a children's activity provider that's been fully accredited by the Children's Activities Association

Don’t be scared to ask!

As a nation, we’re not very good at asking too many questions because we’re worried we might offend someone, or be labelled “a tricky customer”.

But any children’s activity provider worth their salt will be only too happy to answer your questions, so never be afraid to ask – and trust your instincts.

Because yes, you want your child to enjoy whatever activity classes they go to, and to learn and grow.

But you also want to make sure that they’re in an environment that’s supportive – and above all, one that’s safe.

At Little Voices, we offer all children a free trial class, just contact your local office to find out more.