Franchises for Women

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I see franchising as a network, a family, an amazing community of collaboration. Women are renowned for multi-tasking and working together to get things done, being at the heart of every family.

Certainly with Little Voices, my franchise organisation, I stipulate that you are coming into a family and I don’t want just anyone as part of our family. I am very particular and protect, support, care and nurture my family to the best of my ability. I wouldn’t leave my daughter with a stranger or someone that I didn’t trust, like, know-well and respect. Equally a Little Voices cannot be looked after or owned by just anyone that the money to join us. Little Voices has to be part of their blood and they need to be right for us.

While most small-business owners function primarily alone, franchisees are provided with the built-in community of the wider franchising industry as well as other franchisees. Working as a Drama teacher or singing teacher, an entrepreneur or business woman can be incredibly isolating and lonely.

With a franchise, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Franchisees have the unique opportunity to start a business with access to the experiences of a network of individuals on a similar journey.

In the case of  Little Voices, relationships between franchisees are especially critical to success. We provide franchisees with a network to discuss challenges and successes, regular meetings, secret forums, weekly support amongst many other things.  Franchisees partner with other successful franchisees, to create a mentorship and model for their own business.

The franchise model is appealing to women who are in search of the financial security and flexibility that is becoming increasingly difficult to attain in the workplace. Almost all of our Principals say that spending more time with their families and finding a more rewarding career are the driving factors for investing in a child orientated franchise.

While running a franchise is time intensive, it allows entrepreneurs to structure their time to fit their needs. A franchise allows female entrepreneurs to pursue their passions. You need to look at what you are passionate about, and then that gives you a starting point.

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