About our Free Trial

Every child is able to apply for a free trial lesson so that they can experience the Little Voices or Mini Voices concept for themselves.

This opportunity enables your child to meet the tutors and children in the group that is chosen as being the most suitable for their age and ability. If your child has friends that attend Little Voices we try to allocate a place in that group.

A child will always develop in an environment where they feel happy and comfortable. It is incredibly important to us that we can nurture your child’s individual needs so that their confidence and passion for the performing arts can develop.

The free trial lesson also enables our tutors to see your child and assess if the group we have chosen is indeed the best one for them. They can meet your child, assess their ability and give you some guidance afterwards as to their areas needing work,the group that is most appropriate for your child and ability to date. Terms and Conditions apply.

How to Apply

Simply fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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By submitting this form I confirm that I am the child’s Parent or Legal Guardian. I give permission for the above named child to attend Little Voices for an introductory musical theatre free trial lesson at the venue and date confirmed once the application is submitted, approved and processed. I accept that any property that is lost or stolen on this date is not the responsibility of Little Voices. I confirm that all the information is accurate. Little Voices cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate information provided. I confirm that I will collect my child in person from the venue at the end of the lesson. I understand that submission of this Free Trial Lesson Application Form and subsequent attendance at a Free Trial lesson is not a guarantee that Little Voices has a group available for my child to attend weekly lessons. I understand that I may be required to give more information to support my application.

*more information and proof of examinations may be requested
**more information may be requested