How Drama and Singing training helps your child at school with numeracy, literacy, reading, biology and physics!

Jane 1

There are so many benefits to drama and singing lessons that help your child with school.

Singing is all about music and music is a very mathematical subject. The timing, the note values, musical notation, the speed, the length of phrases are just some of the important components of teaching singing. This in turn aids maths, the two complement each other in a really disguised way.  In the context of your child’s lessons at Little Voices they are acquiring so much knowledge in a fun way that will inherently help their schooling.

The lyrics of songs aid your child’s literacy and reading. A child has to understand each word that they are singing so that they can emotional portray the meaning of the song in performance. The script reading and understanding in drama lessons is again so important to the overall educational development of a child in school.

The way that the voice works is very complex and from a very young age we are talking in your child’s lessons about the biology of the human voice and how our bodies support the voice. This is fantastic for children as they often get into Year 9 at school and all the ‘intercostal diaphragmatic breathing’ topic that is covered in biology they already know. In physics they already know how a sound is produced and how it travels!

So who would have thought it . . . that drama and singing each week would help topics such as biology and physics!