How many seconds do you have?

Jane 1

Well, it is interesting, you have exactly 60 seconds.

Just 60 seconds to make a first impression and this is exactly what we were talking about to children in some Little Voices lessons last night.

Making a first impression is crucial not just in examinations but in every area of your life.

It is why life skills and confidence is taught so beautifully in the setting of Drama and singing with Little Voices.

We talk about exactly how to enter the examination room, how to present yourself in terms of posture, eye contact and energy!

It is statistically proven that over 70% of a first impression is created through one’s body language alone and over 20% by the tone of your voice!

So that leaves less than 10% being about the words that you actually say.

Our children are so well prepared for examinations that they are not a ‘scary’ experience but an experience that they can handle with true profesionalism (even our gorgeous Mini Voices children as young as 4 years old!)

We talk about ‘first impressions’ with the Voices and Little Voices pupils and explain all about the importance of their body language and delivery of their voice. We talk about being so full of energy and smiley as they walk smartly into the examination room and deliver their poem with the Mini Voices pupils.

There is a huge difference between the first time they practise walking into the examination room in a lesson sometimes dragging their feet or looking sad, to the end of a first impressions lesson! These skills are easily transferable into a job interview situation or an interview for college or a new school!

They never forget the tips given to them to create a first impression within the 60 seconds!