How singing & drama can help you get into dental school

Why Little Voices isn’t just for those who want a career in the performing arts

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Emma Gray attended Little Voices for over 9 years. She came with her sister and went all the way through her LAMDA examination grades with us. Her commitment was outstanding and whilst also leading a very busy life, being at school, completing GCSE’s and A Levels I wondered why Emma had attended for so long.

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For Emma, like so many young people, her goal wasn’t to be on the West End as a performer she had other huge dreams and to see her qualify as a dentist a few weeks ago I felt so proud and thrilled for her.

I asked Emma to share with us her thoughts on 5 questions about her time with Little Voices and what she felt she gained from her drama and singing training.

What is your strongest memory of Little Voices and the experience that you had?

One of my strongest memories of Little Voices would have to be performing songs from Jane Eyre for the 5th anniversary celebration of Little Voices, which was such a fantastic night! I also have so many happy memories of Wednesday evenings spent with our wonderful teachers and the rest of my group putting together performances and working hard towards our exams.

Why did you attend for so many years Emma?

I attended Little Voices classes for around 9 years in total! I kept it up for so long mainly because it was always  just such a fun and positive experience. I always had an interest in performing, particularly musical theatre, and loved that Little Voices allowed me to nurture this passion of mine. Also having goals to work towards, with LAMDA exams, really suited me as I loved putting my mind to things and achieving something at the end of it.

How did you feel about the exams? Have they been beneficial to you?

Doing LAMDA exams has taught me so many invaluable lessons that I have taken with me since leaving Little Voices. They taught me how to deal with pressure, how to work collectively with others and how to get comfortable being slightly out of my comfort zone. They also showed me that hard work really pays off… and that feeling of getting your certificate after working hard for weeks with your group is just fabulous!

Do you think that Little Voices has helped you in other areas of your life? How has it impacted? Do you think it will help in dentistry and in what way?

Little Voices has undoubtedly helped me through many aspects of my life, particularly in giving me confidence when put in stressful situations. When attending interviews for dental school, I had already learnt all the skills I needed to compose myself and keep calm, which ultimately allowed me to perform the best I possibly could. Now that I’m about to start my first job as a dentist, I know those skills will come in handy whilst I’m finding my feet and may not always feel totally calm and in control!

What were the 5 biggest things that you learnt whilst being with Little Voices? What piece of advice would you give to girls considering acting and singing lessons?

The 5 biggest things I learnt whilst at Little Voices were:

– The importance of making every team member feel heard and included
– Time management, alongside school and other commitments
– How to cope under pressure
– How to get comfortable being out of my comfort zone
– That hard work pays off!

My biggest piece of advice to girls considering acting & singing lessons would be… you’re never going to grow and develop if you don’t step out of your comfort zone, it doesn’t matter if you don’t think you’ll be any good! And whether you go down the performing arts path in the future or not, I can guarantee the lessons you learn will become invaluable later on in life.

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Thank you so much Emma for continuing to be part of our Little Voices family. You will always be fondly remembered by myself, the team of Little Voices tutors that taught and knew you and we truly wish you every success with your career. We are super proud of you and what you have achieved. Well done.

If Emma’s story has inspired you or your child, why not book in for a free trial class? Just contact your local Little Voices office to find out more.