If you can Dream it, you can Achieve it

if you can dream it you can achieve it

If you can dream it, you can achieve it”  is absolutely true and I use it in every aspect of my personal and professional life each day.

Are you doing the same?

There are certain quotes that just help and ring true – so what are your dreams in your life and how can you achieve them? Your dreams are your visions and then you need to put an action plan into place, ‘a mission’, to achieve them!

This is true in drama and singing teaching rooms too – a child dreams of performing a certain character, being cast in a certain role, or a parent hopes to help their child become more confident.

Set that goal and then make the plan and implement it to achieve it.

I remember years ago, when I was a peripatetic teacher of singing in many different schools, that I always had termly goals, ‘dreams’, for my pupils including different auditions, exam and performances that each pupil needed to prepare for. To help me train those pupils to their end goals I used weekly lesson plans. I loved my teaching and all the pupils that I taught but what I didn’t enjoy was feeling like a second class citizen in the music department, of little value in the eyes of other members of staff throughout the school and the lack of career progression and sense of achievement for myself.

I found the summer holidays immensely difficult financially and it was a really hard place to find myself in. From what I can gather with the team of tutors and Principals that now work with me not much has changed in the ‘peri’ world. Does any of this ring true for you?

It will not feel like this for every peripatetic teacher, some will be very happy and very satisfied in their work year upon year. It was just not enough for me there was always something missing for me. I didn’t feel totally happy. I had a burning ambition for something else to fulfil me but I didn’t know what that ‘something’ was until the birth of Little Voices. I stumbled across my impetus for my dream. My dream was made with Little Voices and each day I am now living the mission with the plan to achieve it.

Try to take some time out to either plan what your dreams/goals are or maybe, like me, you will stumble across it. It might even be Little Voices. But honestly if you are not truly happy, have some serious thinking time, dream and then plan to achieve the dream!

Happy dreaming!