It is all about the journey not the destination

Jane 1

“It is all about the journey not the destination”

We need to learn from this little saying don’t we? We are all on a treadmill racing towards the next thing and often forget that it is what we are learning along the way that is most important.

In lessons it is really important that our pupils are building up their knowledge about the voice and how it works every week. It is important that they are building the foundations of their acting techniques and skills so that they can apply them year upon year to their scenes and characterisation.

Each exam is certainly a target and a destination but the journey each week through lessons and the work that they do at home is the most important part.

The watching, listening and participation in performances on the TV, radio, in theatre and cinema are all part of this journey too as well as regular practise.

It might be of interest to you that for the whole of the month of August the WEST END let kids go FREE with a full paying adult.

Watch our Facebook page for details. Booking often opens in June!

And don’t just book to watch the big hits in the West End –  look for lots of the children’s theatre stuff that is hugely under publicised but very good!

Just an idea for the summer when you are not already booked on one of our theatre weeks.