Welcome to Little Voices

Are you looking to brighten your child’s week with an activity that they can’t wait to get to? That builds their confidence and nourishes their natural talent?

We can’t wait to welcome you to our small, friendly classes!

My name is Lucy, I am the Principal of Little Voices Bexley; where we love to help your child become the best that they can be! We know how important it is for your child to receive the highest level of training in Performing Arts whilst being in a safe, nurturing environment which helps build important life skills.

Having taught hundreds of pupils, we have a unique framework that has been created with your child at the heart. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding, inspirational lessons in Drama and Singing while making sure your child leaves with a smile.


  • Only 8 children in a class

  • Outstanding LAMDA results, 100% MERIT and DISTINCTION

  • Focus on building important life skills along with confidence

  • Working towards an accreditation through LAMDA

  • Tutors who are professional performers and outstanding practitioners 

  • 5 Gold Star CAA Accreditation



Lessons we offer
Mini Voices Little Voices Voices One to One Lessons Workshops, Theatre Weeks & Camps
Mini VoicesLittle VoicesVoicesOne to One LessonsWorkshops, Theatre Weeks & Camps
Term Dates

Our Lessons run to the same dates as the local authority. This remainder of this term’s dates are here:


  • Tuesday 7th September-Tuesday 19th October
  • HALF TERM WEEK Tuesday 26th October
  • Tuesday 2nd November-14th December


  • Tuesday 4th January-Tuesday 8th February
  • HALF TERM WEEK Tuesday 15th February
  • Tuesday 22nd February-Tuesday 29th March


  • Tuesday 19th April-Tuesday 24th May
  • HALF TERM WEEK Tuesday 31st May
  • Tuesday 7th June-Tuesday 19th July
About our Lessons
  • We offer regular classes on Tuesdays after school from 4 years old.
  • We have a class to suit your child within our friendly and inviting centre!
  • We teach performing arts in small groups so that your child benefits from both individual attention and a great bond of friendship.
  • We progress through the LAMDA syllabus so your child will have an incredible sense of achievement and no fear of exams!
  • We are in the business of building confidence, every pupil is valued and supported.
  • Our groups work on pieces they love, so if you have a Disney fan or a Musical Theatre nerd in your house, they will love portraying their favourite characters.


Lucy Kellett-Baines

Principal - Bexley



As we all know, this year has presented new challenges for all of us, for much of the year our lessons have been running online, this has been invaluable to allow our classes to stay connected, maintain friendships and continue the hard work that our pupils have put in to their projects.

However, nothing quite beats coming together for our unique Little Voices lessons, so we have put measures in place to ensure that we are complying with, and exceeding safety standards.

  • Firstly, our small class sizes have meant that we can keep plenty of distance; as COVID restrictions have relaxed, we are no longer using strict stage spaces to keep our pupils apart, however, there is plenty of space and we are making sure that no one is close together for any length of time.
  • We have excellent ventilation, we use an airy, spacious modern building with a great heating system; so we have good air circulation without the room being too cold!
  • We have a rigorous cleaning regime; in between each class, each stage space is thoroughly cleaned with NHS grade products.
  • We have a hand sanitising station by the door for use by each pupil on entry and exit.
  • We have planned ahead to ensure that there are no lesson handouts, we make us of google classroom to share materials, and the boards in the room to share information (eg lyrics/scripts) rather than handing out paper.
  • We have designated drop-off points for grown ups, and our pupils are collected by their tutor for their lesson so there is no crowding around entrances.
  • Finally, we have the option to log in to our face to face lessons from home; this is aimed at our pupils who are isolating due to being traced as a contact (usually at school), and who are usually present in our face to face lessons. They have the option to log in from home and take part.

Lucy Kellett-Baines

Principal - Bexley