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I’m Laura, the principal of Little Voices Rutland and I’m delighted to be bringing our fun and inspirational singing & drama classes to the children & young people of Rutland!

The professional team at Little Voices Rutland are committed to helping your child nurture talent, make new friends, and learn in a fun and friendly environment. We understand how important it is for children to be the best they can be, and this is why our outstanding practitioners provide the very highest level of training in all of our singing lessons, drama classes, and acting lessons. Now, more than ever before we need to support children’s wellbeing after they have been locked down for months with no social interaction. Our lessons will help your child reintegrate back into normal life and build back any confidence that has been lost during the pandemic.

What makes us different?

Our small class size! This means we can really get to know your child as an individual, giving them the one to one attention and individual attention that they deserve – and no getting lost at the back of a group of 40+ kids!

  • Only 8 children in a class

  • Outstanding LAMDA results, over 98% at MERIT and DISTINCTION

  • Focus on building important life skills along with confidence

  • Working towards an accreditation through LAMDA

  • Tutors who are professional performers and outstanding practitioners 

  • 5 Gold Star CAA Accreditation

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Lessons we offer
Mini Voices Little Voices Voices One to One Lessons Workshops, Theatre Weeks & Camps
Mini VoicesLittle VoicesVoicesOne to One LessonsWorkshops, Theatre Weeks & Camps
About our Lessons

MINI VOICES (4 -7  years)

Our ‘Mini Voices’ lessons are for 4 to 7 year olds delivered in small class sizes introducing children to performing arts through fun and inspiring Drama and Singing lessons. We aim to build children’s confidence, nurturing each child’s talent and developing their communication skills.

Pupils work towards a mid year theatrical performance as well as an optional end of year LAMDA communication examination. This will involve each child reciting a poem and talking about a show and tell.



LITTLE VOICES (8 – 11 years)  

Our ‘Little Voices’ lessons are designed for children aged 8 to 11 years, classes are small in size and are grouped according to age and ability. Little Voices singing and drama lessons cover a varied theatrical repertoire working towards a mid year musical theatre performance as well as an optional end of year LAMDA musical theatre, acting or speaking verse and prose exam.

During these lessons we cover; characterisation, expression, script work and working together as part of a ‘cast’ as well as nurturing each child’s young singing voices with vocal health as a priority.

VOICES (12 – 18 years)

Our ‘Voices’ lessons are designed for children aged 12 to 18 years, and this is where we start to see the Little Voices training brought to centre stage! This is the age at which your child will be going through lots of hormonal changes, some of which may affect their voice (girls, as well as boys). The support, training & confidence they get from their Voices lessons will help them through this tricky period in their lives.

Your child will continue with their LAMDA Exams, and as they start to acquire the advanced grades, the marks they achieve often provide a valuable contribution to UCAS points for entry to university.




Summer Holiday Camps!

Running in Oakham throughout the summer.

Now MORE THAN EVER it is so important that children have access to performing arts to help their development and for their mental well-being. Our workshops are a great opportunity for children aged 4 – 18 years to build in confidence and make new friends through singing, drama and dance. Our groups are small in size, allowing every child the chance to shine – building skills for life!

‘Pirates’ – 9.30am – 10.30am, Tuesday 27th July – Ages 4-7 years

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – 10.30am – 11.30am, Tuesday 27th July – Ages 8-12 years

‘Les Misérables’ – 11.30am – 12.30pm, Tuesday 27th July – Ages 13-18 years


‘A Royal Ball’ – 9.30am – 10.30am, Tuesday 24th August – Ages 4-7 years

‘Beauty and the Beast’ – 10.30am – 11.30am, Tuesday 24th August – Ages 8-12 years

Into The Woods’ – 11.30am – 12.30pm, Tuesday 24th August – Ages 13-18 years

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Laura Ray

Principal - Rutland


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As we all know, this year has presented new challenges for all of us, for much of the year our lessons have been running online, this has been invaluable to allow our classes to stay connected, maintain friendships and continue the hard work that our pupils have put in to their projects.

However, nothing quite beats coming together for our unique Little Voices lessons, so we have put measures in place to ensure that we are complying with, and exceeding safety standards.

  • Firstly, our small class sizes have meant that our classes have not had to be split or swapped around to maintain social distancing within our lessons, our classes have always been, and will continue to be small in order to give each pupil the individual attention that they deserve.
  • We make use of stage spaces in our lessons, so each child has their own place, marked out for them, they will each face the front, just as if they were on a stage.
  • We have excellent ventilation, we use an airy, spacious modern building with a great heating system; so we have good air circulation without the room being too cold!
  • We have a rigorous cleaning regime; in between each class, each stage space is thoroughly cleaned with NHS grade products.
  • We have a hand sanitising station by the door for use by each pupil on entry and exit.
  • We have planned ahead to ensure that there are no lesson handouts, we make us of google classroom to share materials, and the boards in the room to share information (eg lyrics/scripts) rather than handing out paper.
  • We have designated drop-off points for grown ups, and our pupils are collected by their tutor for their lesson so there is no crowding around entrances.
  • Finally, we have the option to log in to our face to face lessons from home; this is aimed at our pupils who are isolating due to being traced as a contact (usually at school), and who are usually present in our face to face lessons. They have the option to log in from home and take part.
Overall rating
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Katy Mahon
Little Voices is an incredible platform for children. My daughter has gained so much confidence by attending and most importantly always comes home smiling from ear to ear telling me how fun it was. The teachers are professional and engaging throughout and have supported her immensely towards her first LAMDA exam. If your children love singing, dancing or performing, I thoroughly recommend Little Voices.
Hannah Young
Little Voices has been wonderful for my 10 year old daughter! She absolutely loves the classes, and Laura makes it incredibly fun! Her confidence has increased significantly and she has learnt so many skills! She has taken her first LAMDA Exam and loved it. Thank you x
Lizzie Rees
My daughter loves this group and looks forward to it every week! She recently had her first ever exam which she wasn't nervous or daunted by at all but instead excited because it was made to be so fun by those involved. She loves to perform and this is the perfect platform for her to do so! Thank you. x

Laura Ray

Principal - Rutland