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Hi there, I’m Cherice the principal of Little Voices Welwyn Garden City, and together with our fabulous tutors, Hope and Elise, I’m delighted to be bringing our fun and inspirational singing & drama classes to the children & young people of Welwyn Garden City and Hertfordshire.

We’ve taught hundreds of local children over the past 5 years, and we continue to welcome children of all ages to train in the arts with us at our centre at our ‘Outstanding’ rated centre, Applecroft School.

Children make friends for life at Little Voices, and it is our greatest pleasure to teach singing and drama, while watching every child who attends our classes grow in confidence over the weeks.

We have a fabulous team of tutors, each of whom takes great pride not only in teaching children how to sing and act, but in helping them develop crucial life skills that they’ll use daily as they grow up – and indeed, throughout their adult lives.

All of our pupils take LAMDA examinations at least once a year and we boast a 100% pass rate in all examinations since we started teaching in 2007.

Singing and drama lessons have lots of benefits, and we love seeing the children beaming with happiness every week as they bounce out of their Little Voices lessons, even after a long day at school! Read more about how singing and drama can benefit our child here:


We can’t wait to meet you at  at your free trial lesson – just come and join us!

Lessons we offer
Mini Voices Little Voices Voices Workshops, Theatre Weeks & Camps
Mini VoicesLittle VoicesVoicesWorkshops, Theatre Weeks & Camps
About our Lessons

Classes for children aged  4- 7 

Our Mini Voices singing & drama classes are for children between the ages of 4 – 7 years old, and will introduce them to the performing arts in a fun & friendly way.

Specially designed to make the most of shorter attention spans, each lesson is jam-packed with fun & learning.

Your child will benefit from being part of a very small group that we put together based on their friendships and ability, and this is where we’ll start to nurture their talents & focus on developing their emerging communication skills.

Because young children have short attention spans, each Mini Voices lesson lasts for 30  minutes so we can really tap into their concentration & learning abilities.

Your child will enjoy the benefits of both singing and drama; and like all our Mini Voices pupils, they’ll work towards LAMDA’s Introductory Communication Exams, which will help them gain confidence & boost their communication skills.



Classes for children aged 7 – 12

If your child is aged 7 -12 years, then our Little Voices classes are for them!

We’ll introduce them to characterisation, expression and complex scripts, and they’ll start to work together as a cast.

Still working in small groups, they’ll experience a range of different theatre styles; and alongside teaching them fundamental acting techniques, we’ll prioritise their vocal health and nurture their young voices.

All our Little Voices pupils work towards both group & solo LAMDA exams and will take at least 1 examination in each academic year.

Singing & drama lessons have lots of benefits for children of all ages, you can read more about them here.


Classes for teens aged 12 – 18

Our Voices classes are for older children and young people aged 12 – 18 years old, and this is where we start to see the Little Voices training brought to centre stage!

Like all our singing & drama lessons, Voices classes have lots of benefits.

Furthermore, this is the age at which your child will be going through lots of hormonal changes, some of which may affect their voice (girls, as well as boys). The support, training & confidence they get from their Voices lessons will help them through this tricky period in their lives.

Your child will continue with their LAMDA exams, and as they start to acquire the advanced grades, the marks they achieve often provide a valuable contribution to UCAS points for entry to university.

So whether your child has their sights set on a future career in the arts; or they’re simply keen to build their life skills so they can communicate well, conquer interviews, deliver effective presentations, use appropriate eye contact, have good posture, exude confidence and generally push the boundaries of their comfort zone, their Voices tutor will support them to meet their goals.


Welwyn Garden City

Cherice Mckenzie-Cook

Principal - Welwyn Hertford

Welwyn Garden City

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Annie Phillips
Little Voices at Welwyn Garden City has been of great benefit to my little boy. His passion for poetry and prose has grown and his singing ability and confidence developed. This has been a challenging time for all. However, at Little Voices, flipping between face to face sessions and online sessions has been effortless for us. It has been fantastic to have this activity continue throughout lockdown and with the same engaging and professional teachers. It certainly gives my little boy something to look forward to each week. We highly recommend it.
Emily Evans
My daughter that has additional needs is always on the go but she lacks in making friendships and her confidence in groups isn’t good .. to my amazement she loves going to her classes (mini voices) and never wants to miss one she does hope to move up a class and do more drama stuff but all in good time .. I can’t thank the staff enough for their help it’s lovely to know she is happy going somewhere new 💖
Anne Marie
What an amazing place! Really lovely people and wonderful atmosphere. My daughter has only been going a few months but is so much more confident already. She loves it and has made friends from week one. Thank you Little voices for helping my little one grow.
My son has been attending Little Voices (Welwyn Garden City) for just over a year now and he LOVES coming to class every week. After a really tough year Little Voices have helped give him his confidence back and show him how amazing he is. All the tutors are so patient and caring and really want what is best for the child. The small class sizes are perfect so everyone gets to know each other and they get lots of individual attention. Thank you Cherice and all your tutors for always believing in our children. You’re amazing!!!
Lucy Allen
My 2 children attended classes in Welwyn Garden City and had a fabulous time! Cherice and the other teachers built their confidence in a nurturing environment and my children showed great enthusiasm to return each time they left. They brought out the best in every child in that class. I would definitely recommend it to others.
My daughter attended little voices in the summer holidays and she loved it! She loved making new friends and learning the songs for the production. She really came out of her shell and is so excited to go back for the new term!
What an amazing place. Really lovely people and wonderful atmosphere. My daughter has only been going a few months but is so much more confident already. She loves it and has made friends from week one. Thank you Little voices for helping my little one grow
Welwyn Garden City

Cherice Mckenzie-Cook

Principal - Welwyn Hertford

Welwyn Garden City