Mid Kent
  • What are your term dates?

    Our lessons run 39 weeks of the year in line with the school terms.


  • What days/times are the lessons?

    Our lessons are currently held on a Wednesday at The Vine Chapel, Loose, Maidstone between 1:30pm – 3:30pm (Home Ed) and from 4:15pm. Go to our home page or contact us for specific lesson times. Times depend on child’s age and ability.


  • How to I sign my child up?

    Start by coming along to a trial with us completely free of charge! And chat to our principal who’ll give you an email with a link to a sign up form afterwards.


  • Does my child have to wear a uniform?

    Our Little Voices students get their own hoodie, T-shirt and note book all included in the fee. And yes we ask that they wear this each week to lessons. To our LAMDA exams and to any events that aren’t in costume.


  • How long are the lessons?

    Mini Voices (ages 4-6) lessons are 30 minutes Little Voices (ages 7-10/11) lessons are 45 minutesVoices (ages 11/12-18) lessons are 1 hour. 1:1 lessons can be from 15 minutes – 1 hour long. Our Home Education group (ages 4-18) is 2 hours.


  • How do the lessons work?

    We keep very small class sizes with a max of 8 in a class. We pack a lot in and move quickly from one exercise to another to keep students engaged and to make the most of the time. We also have a weekly focus of either drama or singing which rotate fortnightly.


  • What happens in the exams?

    We do renown LAMDA exams once a year (this is also included in the fee).Our Mini’s take group Verse & Prose exams, where they recite poems and story narration with actions.Our Little’s do group musical theatre exams, performing linking scenes and songs to create a performance and may also start to take some solo exams too.Our Voices’ students mainly focus on solo exams where they can gain UCAS points for university and develop their personal strengths, they have the option to do LAMDA exams for: acting, musical theatre, devising & mime.They will perform these either in their group or on their own to a LAMDA certified examiner who will mark their performance. Little Voices have an 100% pass rate for these exams, over 11 years with over 98% being merits and distinctions. Solo grades 6-8 gain UCAS points.


  • What happens once I fill out a free trial application form?

    We will give you a ring to find out all about your child and how we can best care for them and fit them into our lessons and to book your place at a free trial!If we can’t get hold of you we might also send an email so look out for that (if in doubt check your junk folder!)


  • What is an enrolment pack?

    You get given a special enrolment pack when you decide to sign up with us. It takes you through everything that we offer, as well as our code of conduct, your uniform request form, sign up form to agree to our T’s & C’s and how to pay the monthly fees. Contact us here to get yours today!

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