Recharge your child’s batteries this summer with our holiday workshops, theatre weeks & camps

We all know how easy it is for young people to get bored and agitated during the long summer holidays, don’t we?

And we also know just how difficult it can be to constantly come up with new ways of keeping them entertained.

Both of which can lead to rising stress levels all round.

So at a time when children are supposed to be recharging their batteries ahead of the next school year, our Little Voices holiday workshops, theatre weeks and camps give their bodies and minds a good workout.

Group of children & young people rehearsing at one of Little Voices holiday workshops

They’re a great way for them to burn off energy, release tension, build their confidence, learn new skills, play some games, make new friends – and, of course, have loads of fun!

Our fabulous franchisees and tutors will help your child explore their creativity and stretch their imaginations.

And these fun-filled holiday sessions are open to all children – whether or not they already attend our popular weekly classes.

What’s the difference between holiday workshops, theatre weeks and camps?

There’s music, singing, props, costumes, and excitement galore in all our holiday sessions!

And whichever one your child takes part in, they’ll be immersed in a multitude of activities and games that will keep them on the go, and their minds active – often without them even realising.

So what’s the difference between them?

Theatre weeks and holiday camps

Little Voices holiday camps and theatre weeks last for 4 fun-packed days and are based around popular musicals or plays (they’re basically the same thing – they’ve just got different names depending on whereabouts in the country you are!).

Your child will enjoy being involved in every aspect of putting on a show, culminating in a dazzling performance on the final day for families and friends to come and watch.

Group of children on stage during one of Little Voices holiday workshops

From learning songs & dance routines, rehearsing their lines, building props, making costumes, and sorting out lighting, they’ll not only learn new acting and vocal skills, but they’ll make lots of new friends, learn how to manage their nerves, and learn crucial team building skills along the way.

Holiday workshops

Little Voices holiday workshops are standalone events that each last just one day.

They’re themed around well-known shows, but unlike our theatre weeks, there’s no performance at the end (which might suit some children better).

Throughout the course of the day, your child will experience all the fun of a theatre week – they’ll act out scenes from the show, learn some of the songs, and even do some choreography, too.

All while making new friends, having fun, developing new performance skills, and boosting their confidence & social skills.

Group of young people at one of Little Voices holiday camps

So whether you need good quality childcare this summer, or you’re searching for activities that will help boost your child’s confidence and social skills or stretch their imagination, our Little Voices holiday workshops, theatre weeks and camps could be just what you’re looking for.

Contact your local Little Voices office to find out what holiday sessions they’re running this summer (but hurry – demand is high, and they get booked up quickly!).