Holiday Camp Safety

Holiday Camp Safety
Keeping Your Child Safe at Little Voices Camps

The health and safety of everyone is always a top priority for us here at Little Voices and we are committed to remaining open in the safest possible way to ensure the well being of everyone.

We endeavour to bring the same amazing tuition, ensuring every day is packed with lots of laughs, fun, drama, singing and performing with just a few additional precautions in place to keep everyone safe.

Our group sizes will be small in size allowing everyone their own personal space and to socially distance.

Rest assured that if your child can no longer attend a camp because of COVID 19 we will offer you a credit which can be banked and used towards a future camp. If we have to cancel a camp as a whole then refunds will be given in full (this will not be applied to individual absences).

General Measures:

  1. All Little Voices tutors are fully enhanced DBS checked and hold Level 3 First Aid Paediatric.
  2. Children will need to bring their own labelled packed lunch and water bottle. These must avoid anything containing; nuts, Fava beans, broad beans, shell fish and sesame seeds.
  3. Groups will be small in size with a one adult to 8 children ratio and we have at least 2 tutors present at every camp.
  4. We must be made aware prior to the camp if your child has any allergies or medical conditions. If your child has an allergy we ask that you provide them with an epi pen which our tutors can keep on hand.
  5. Little Voices will be filming the final performance day therefore Little Voices will require videography and photography consent for this
  6. Videos of the final performance day will be professionally filmed by our videographer and put together as a video showreel. Once edited, they will be emailed out to parents up to 14 days after the camp.
  7. Our camps do not involve a performance where parents come and watch.

COVID measures:

  1. As a temporary measure and until the next government review, our tutors will be taking a LFT on each day of teaching. We kindly ask if children attending our camps also do the same. (We will of course review this as the guidance evolves).
  2. We will be encouraging everyone to avoid close contact and will continue to implement social distancing; ensuring that everyone still has their own personal space. Our group sizes are small in size to allow this.
  3. We plan to spend a lot more time outdoors (weather permitted)
  4. Our venues will maintain good ventilation
  5. We will ensure good hygiene and children will be asked to wash their hands/sanitise upon arrival and regularly throughout the day
  6. Regular cleaning will be maintained
  7. Tutors will wear masks in communal areas
  8. Temperature checks will take place each day
  9. We will follow public health advice on isolation and managing confirmed cases – this is reflected in our Risk Assessment
  10. We ask that parents and visitors do not come into our venues
  11. Drop off and pick ups will take place outside and we ask if this can be limited to one parent or carer

Some of our plans may change as the guidance evolves, ensuring that we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe whilst offering an outstanding service to all parents and children.