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My son, 6, has been attending Little Voices in Clitheroe for one year now, and has also taken part in theatre week this summer. He had no previous experience in singing or drama. He has thoroughly enjoyed it! His favourite part was learning songs from musicals like Jungle Book, The Lion Kind and Mary Poppins. The instructors have all been great – engaging, fun, and genuinely concerned about the children’s development and welfare. They make sure that every single child in the group is included in the activities and feels good about what they have accomplished during the week. At the same time they reward special achievements with their coveted ‘Star of the Week’ stickers! My son even took part in the exam, where he recited a poem he had memorized, and spoke about his teddy, in front of a complete stranger – this is definitely something I could not have done at his age!! As a parent, I can highly recommend Little Voices Clitheroe for any child who already enjoys singing and performing, but especially for children who are a bit shy and need that extra boost of confidence in a familiar and fun environment.

Anne / Mum of Victor
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Colleen our 5 year old daughter really loves coming to Little Voices and i feel it has boosted her confidence and improved her speech. I would fully recommend sending your child especially if they love music and acting.

Olga / Mum of Colleen
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Since starting Little Voices Natasha’s confidence has grown which has helped socially and in school. She sings all the time. She absolutely loves Little Voices and the theatre weeks which are fabulous. Fantastic staff!

Suzannah / Mum of Natasha
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Little Voices does a wonderful job of promoting confidence through friendship and games within small groups. Madelyn loves to participate and adores her teachers. She doesn’t notice the hidden structure and lessons she learns.

Emma / Mum of Madelyn
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Lucinda is gaining in confidence every week after coming to Little Voices. She thoroughly enjoys both the drama and the singing and it helps with her clarity of speech too. Thank you for all your energy and support!

Katherine / Mum of Lucinda
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Little Voices is fantastic, Oscar is a very shy and quiet boy in groups at school. However since Little Voices he has gained so much confidence and it is helping so much in school. Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and hard work.

Jo / Mum of Oscar
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Eve has been attending Little Voices for about 4 years now and has really enjoyed all the lessons and holiday clubs. Little Voices has given her such confidence and helps nurture the natural singing and drama fun that should be part of every little girls childhood, and in the process she is attaining fabulous exam grades 🙂

Vanessa / Mum of Eve
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I had tried various drama/singing groups for Leah who loves everything about performing but she lacks confidence in joining and interacting within groups and large class sizes just made the problem worse. Little Voices was my last resort and on her first visit she was so nervous but we made her go in and she came out at the end of the session beaming. Her Wednesday session is the highlight of her week and she hates to miss it for any reason. Because class sizes are kept small and the staff seem to be extra encouraging her confidence has grown and she loves learning the songs and words in her own time without any pushing from myself. We love what Little Voices has done with Leah and with their help she might just end up being the little star we know she is.

Joanne / Mum and Leah
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My daughters have been attending Little Voices for almost 7 years now. They both love musical theatre so it’s perfect for them because the core curriculum classes are based around this. They’ve loved every minute of it and have gained so much confidence and life skills from the classes, and the vocal skills they’ve developed are fantastic. The tutors are so friendly, and Jane, who started the business, is very hands on and so passionate about what LIttle Voices does. The tutors are carefully selected so they really know their stuff, and are great with the kids.

Shelagh / Mum of Alice and Emily
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Jess loves Little Voices! It’s like a little caring family. She has made some lovely friends. These small groups are taught techniques and skills required to improve in singing and drama. Little Voices has opened a door for Jess, she has an audition for a new talent show, this has given her a rare opportunity to showcase the skills she has developed during her classes. It’s lovely to watch Jess ‘ confidence, skills and friendships blossom thanks to Little Voices.

Joanne / Mum of Jess
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Amani has attended lessons with Little Voices for 3 years. Amani loves attending and looks forward to these lessons every week. We have seen Amani’s confidence grow in so many areas since she started, both at school and socially. She has the confidence to speak out in public, to perform on stage and learnt many acting and singing skills that I believe will help her in different areas of her life. The staff at little voices are helpful, friendly and approachable and we are always able to receive feedback on her progress. The learning environment they provide is a unique, nurturing and valuable.

Shameema / Mum of Amani
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My two daughters have been going to Little Voices for almost 2 years. They absolutely love it and look forward to their weekly lessons and really enjoy learning the songs to popular musicals like Annie and Matilda. Their development in both singing and drama has been tremendous. I’ve really noticed their vocal skills develop and their singing become much more tuneful and confident. The Theatre weeks are also really good fun – a rewarding activity for school hols and cover school hours so really handy for working parents. The team that teach Little Voices are all highly talented individuals who are an inspiration to the children. Cannot rate them highly enough!

Sarah / Mum of Elizabeth and Hannah
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Since Katie started Little Voices in July 2014 she has grown in confidence. So much so, that in May she organised her own charity event to raise money and awareness for two charities. She has matured in so many ways. I put this down to the great tutors and staff at Little Voices. She has developed new friendships and enjoys working with these new friends.

Rose / Mum of katie
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Lily has been attending Little Voices for almost a year now, and thoroughly looks forward to her class at Feniscowles every week. The tutors are so friendly and enthusiastic and are always available to chat to if needed, as well as leaving weekly updates in the lesson notebook. I have noticed that Lily has gained in confidence and is quite happy to talk and express her views in larger groups. Most importantly Lily says that Little Voices is “fun!” and this is very clear at the end of a class when Lily and her friends come out with smiling, happy faces. Hetty can’t wait to start in September.

Liz / Mum of Lily and Hetty
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Little Voices has given my daughter heaps of confidence!!! The class sizes are small and therefore provide excellent coaching. My daughters reading has improved and the vocal training has really helped my daughter project her singing voice!! I am thrilled how far my daughter has come in such a short space of time !!!!!

Liz / Mum of Harriet
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My 2 children both attend Little Voices weekly sessions, and have been to their holiday clubs also. It’s a very personal and individual club, where they nurture and encourage the children in a positive, safe and above all, fun environment. The teachers are fantastic, very passionate and committed, and the children have great respect for them being very experienced professionals. My children always have lots of fun, and really enjoy it every week.

Jan, Mum of Lizzy and Tim
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Little Voices has been great for Erin, she’s made lots of new friends, improved her singing technique, and her confidence has grown so much. I’ve really seen a big difference in Erin over the past couple of years, and she has the confidence to stand up and speak in front of people now. It’s a very professional organisation, well organised, and they give good feedback. The classes are small, so they have more attention to give individually, work with their strengths, and adapt their methods to sure each child is achieving their best. The staff are really fun, happy, hardworking, and always smiling. Erin just loves it, particularly the warm ups!

Andrea / Mum of Erin