The Little Voices difference – from stage fright to shining bright!

It’s so hard at times to explain ‘the Little Voices difference’, and the power of the way we do things.

There’s a statement on our website that reads: ‘At Little Voices, no child goes unnoticed, and every child gets the opportunity to shine, surrounded by the encouragement & support of their tutors and classmates.’

And it’s a statement we use in a lot of our other marketing, too.

But really – what do those words even mean?

What is ‘the Little Voices difference’?

Well, this little story brings every single element of that sentence to life.

Here’s Maryam’s story, as told to us by Haylie, one of our Little Voices principals and Maryam’s tutor.

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Maryam’s story

Maryam is just 10 years old, and has been coming to Little Voices classes in Blackburn, Darwen & Ribble Valley for over a year.

She’s also taken part in a few of our theatre week camps, including our February 2023 half term camp – “School of Rock”.

Show day arrived, everyone was excited, and the performance was going well.

Suddenly, it was time for Maryam’s big line – but instead of the words she’d been rehearsing all week, she completely froze on stage, unable to say a thing.

Overwhelmed by the audience looking at her – waiting expectantly for her to say her line – she sat down on the stage and tears poured down her little face.

The show stopped.

This was the first time we’d ever seen Maryam have a wobble, and it was utterly heart-breaking to watch.

All her classmates quickly gathered round, keen to comfort her and check she was okay.

Then we took her off stage where one of our amazing tutors, Kirsty, gently reassured her, telling her over and over how much we believe in her, and that she can do this.

Maryam held our hands until she was ready to go back on stage.

And go back on stage she did!

This little girl took a big, deep breath, wiped away her tears, and told herself she could do it.

What’s more, her performance was incredible!

The rapturous applause from the audience at the end of the show said more than words ever can.

Maryam came off stage with the biggest grin on her face, telling us how proud she was of herself. And we all had a massive group hug to celebrate this enormous achievement, and to show Maryam – and all the other children, too – that anything is possible and to never ever give up.

The following week, Maryam came into lessons still beaming! She even shared her experience in circle time, telling everyone how proud she was of herself.

Well, Maryam, we couldn’t be prouder of you if we tried!

Meet Nighat (Maryam’s mum)

Nighat, Maryam’s proud mum, told us: ” It was difficult to witness Maryam’s loss of confidence and having to leave the stage.

“But it was rewarding and heart-warming to then see her regain her composure and ignite her strength to continue to perform her lines.

“This was all down to the positive feedback from her peers and staff who helped rebuild her confidence.

“Rather than shy away, Maryam is now excited for her next performance. Little Voices has helped Maryam create positive lifelong experiences.”

That’s the Little Voices difference

We started this blog with the statement: ‘At Little Voices, no child goes unnoticed, and every child gets the opportunity to shine, surrounded by the encouragement & support of their tutors and classmates.’

Well Maryam shone brightly, thanks to her wonderful classmates and amazing tutors – and to the confidence and resilience her Little Voices lessons have instilled in her at such an early age.

And that’s the Little Voices difference.

If you’re feeling inspired by Maryam’s story, and would like your child to experience the Little Voices effect for themselves, find your nearest class and book a free trial lesson.

We can’t wait to see you!