The way to eat an elephant is a little at a time – how can we apply this to your child’s Little Voices lessons?

Jane 1


Well we use this term all the time in different aspects of our lives but it is really relevant when learning the lines of a script.

Breaking the lines up, learning one each week or one each day and consistently practising 4/5 times a week in very short bursts is the way to achieve examination excellence.

It is also helpful when learning lines from memory to use other family members and each of you take a character, so that your child can get used to the flow of their lines and when they need to deliver them as well as the accuracy of the delivery of the lines.

AND REMEMBER – to be a fabulous actor – IMPROVISATION is a really useful tool. The lines do not have to be EXACT it can be so much more effective if the sense is delivered naturally.

We hope this is helpful to you over the holidays when all that practising is taking place or even during a Theatre Week when you child arrives home on Day 1 with lots of lines to learn in 3 days!!