“Which teacher influenced you the most?”

Jane 1

We all have a teacher or teachers that stick out in our memory as being influential in our lives. Equally there is always a teacher that we would rather forget too! Can you remember their names? I am sure that you can.

A teacher’s role is so important in a child’s education.

It can sometimes have such a dramatic effect as to affect how successful we are in a particular subject. It is important that the surroundings are conducive to learning and that enjoyment is a hugely influential factor. I remember my own school music lessons and drama lessons at school – they were usually far from orderly, most often complete chaos with most students not wanting to be there.

Drama and singing training, as an additional hobby, plays such an important role in a child’s life. Teachers out of school for these subjects know their pupils really well and as a result have a positive impact on all areas of a child’s life.

Children also meet new friends away from the school environment, work with like-minded pupils in a fun yet structured way that enables them to learn and develop at an appropriate pace.

We know at Little Voices that the teacher, the group and environment that your child works in is crucial. It is why we have a unique framework. Our tutors have to be able to inspire, draw out and encourage the development of your child’s skills. I believe that they can only have a dramatic affect if they really know each individual pupil and they can work with them in a small group.

Respect and trust also have a pivotal role to play.