“Who your child hangs around with really matters”

Jane 1

The people who surround us are SO important. We all have colleagues, business partners, friends and family that surround us all of the time. You will know yourself the friends that support you , the ones that you can trust with everything right to the other extreme with the ones that are negative, the ones that you avoid arranging a catch up with etc etc…..

It is proven that ‘who we hang around with really does matter’ and plays a crucial part in how successful or unsuccessful we are in general with different projects.

When Little Voices was started in 2007 the key elements of putting our very small groups together were friendship, age and ability. These three elements remain very strong for us when we hear from you for the very first time. We know that when a child is in the right group they will be happy. When a child is happy their confidence will sore and they will excel.

So again yet further evidence ‘who you hang around with matters’!

The children will learn from each other and from their tutor – the end goal of the examination or the performance will be outstanding!