School Holiday Workshops & Theatre Weeks

School Holiday Workshops & Theatre Weeks

October Half Term Holiday Workshop


Wednesday 25th October 2023 – 10am-4pm

What is a Theatre Workshop?

The Little Voices holiday workshops are a blast of fun. The best ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ way to spend the school holidays. With a different musical theme each time, your child can become a Disney princess, the brave & bold hero or even one of the ‘baddies’ in our fun theatre workshops. A full day of acting, singing, dancing, games, confidence building, team building, meeting new friends all whilst having loads of fun – and guaranteed to tire them out for bedtime!

Our workshops are open to all children aged 5-14 years old, not just Little Voices pupils.


  • £28 (Little Voices pupils)
  • £36

What is a Theatre Week?

Over the course of a fun-packed 4 day week (Tuesday – Friday), your child will work with a small group to help create & take part in a dazzling production they’ll be proud of. From learning songs & dance routines and rehearsing their scenes, through to the excitement of props, costumes & lighting, and putting on the show in front of an audience on the final day. They’ll not only learn new acting & vocal skills, but they’ll make lots of new friends & learn crucial teambuilding skills along the way!

Does your child love to perform, do they sing and dance around the house?

Would they also like to learn key performance skills,

have lots of fun and make new friends?

We can help!

What will my child be doing?

Over 4 days your child will be guided by the outstanding Little Voices team through a fantastic script and performance of the themed musical for you to come and watch

  • Learn an entire script inspired by the themed musical
  • Make new friends and develop social and team work skills through drama activities
  • Learn new acting and vocal skills
  • Grow in confidence
  • Be involved in something that they can be proud of!
  • Make lasting memories
  • Have lots of FUN and enjoy the holidays

Who can attend?

Little Voices Theatre Weeks & Workshops are open to ALL children aged 5-14 years of age (not just Little Voices pupils!) We make sure we get to know your child so we can provide a tailored approach.

How will the day be scheduled?

Day 1: Getting to know you We play drama games and work on building friendships while getting to know the script. Your child will return home with a script and a role for the show.

Day 2-3: Developing the Show We work on individual songs, work on actions and lines. We focus on projection, articulation, confidence building and having fun!

Day 4: SHOW TIME! The performance of the show will take place for you to come and watch


£120 (Little Voices pupils)


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