Music & Drama PPA Cover

Music & Drama PPA Cover

We at Little Voices Cheshire West are delighted to be able to offer Music and Drama PPA Packages to Schools, we understand each school has its own specific needs when it comes to PPA Cover its not a one size fits all, so we would love to hear from you if you are interested and we can talk and see if we can help, and then create a bespoke package for your school.

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Here is some general information about what you can expect.

Why study music and drama?
Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. Drama helps children develop a creative perspective on life and gives them freedom of expression, it helps children think about the ‘who, why, where, and when’ elements of stories, events and everyday experiences, having Drama present in your school  also supports the National Curriculum for English (Spoken Language).

Why Little Voices?
Little Voices is a multi award winning Drama and Singing provider, operating nationally for over 10 years. Little Voices in Cheshire West has been operating for 6 years and among its tutors boasts over 40 years worth of teaching experience.

At our core Little Voices believes every child should have access to outstanding arts education and though this be given the opportunity to ‘Be the best they can be’. We provide inspiring Drama and Singing lessons in a fun, safe and creative environment, that allows all children to flourish and grow. 

Kathryn Delaney, our owner and principal was named Education Business Woman of the year in 2017 at the North West Enterprise Awards, and this year at the Northern Enterprise Awards Little Voices Cheshire West won Best Drama & Singing Lesson Provider-Northwest England.  

Our lessons fully align with the National Curriculum subject content for Key Stage 1 and 2 Music and English (spoken language). Our lessons are planned and delivered by expert teachers and are quality assured by a specialist education consultant.

What do we teach?
In key stage 1, pupils will be taught to:  

  • use their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes  
  • play tuned and untuned instruments musically (Subject to resources available in school)  
  • listen with concentration and understanding to a range of high-quality live and recorded music  
  • experiment with, create, select and combine sounds using the inter-related dimensions of music. 

In key stage 2, pupils will be taught to sing and play musically with increasing confidence and control. They will develop an understanding of musical composition, organising and manipulating ideas within musical structures and reproducing sounds from aural memory. 

  • play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using their voices and playing musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression
  • improvise and compose music for a range of purposes using the inter-related dimensions of music  
  • listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory  
  • use and understand staff and other musical notations  
  • appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions and from great composers and musicians  
  • develop an understanding of the history of music.  

How do we assess pupils?
In terms of assessment, we appreciate that different schools approach feedback, assessment, and reporting differently. Therefore, we usually follow the individual school’s assessment system to ensure consistency when reporting to parents. However if you would like we have our own system that has been independently inspected and verified by a specialist education consultant, who is also an advisor for OFSTED. 

What are our lessons like?
We work closely with schools to develop and deliver a bespoke music and drama curriculum that is aligned with the school’s curriculum intent. To help exemplify our work,  we can supply you with our sample documents they include.

  • Sample school curriculum progression map
  • Sample school medium term plan
  • Sample school lesson resource