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I’m Susan, your Little Voices principal, and I’m delighted to be providing our fun & inspirational music &
drama lessons to the children & young people of Stockport School.

The benefits of music and drama education are widely proven yet the Curriculum is increasingly reducing focus and funding for performing arts in schools due to pressure to hit targets on other core subjects. We believe passionately in building confidence in students and in the noticeable wider benefits that music and drama training brings to school life and beyond.

Children strengthen friendships for life at Little Voices, as well as learn new skills that will help them in other areas of their life as they grow up.

At Stockport School we offer two types of lesson. 

  • We provide in-school lessons. Pupils work towards the prestigious London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) examinations. At the higher levels these count towards their University entrance points (UCAS points). The lesson happen in school time and are usually arranged in a “duo” . This helps to build pupil’s confidence and communication skills.


  • We also run an afterschool club for pupils in certain year groups at Stockport School. Pupils also work towards LAMDA examinations. These lessons happen after school. Speak to the Head of Drama if your child is interested in finding out more about this.

Term Dates

Lessons operate within school term time.

They will begin on 11th September 2023 and finish on 8th July 2024.


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Little Voices

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Susan Bisatt

Principal - Stockport

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