Keir Starmer’s announcement on the importance of oracy skills in our education system

Did you see Keir Starmer’s recent announcement, or his article in The Times, about the importance of oracy skills in our education system?

Let me tell you, it made the hearts of our entire Little Voices network sing!

Because, as he rightly highlighted (and we’re sure you’ll agree), oracy – which is simply the ability to express yourself clearly and confidently – is a cornerstone of personal, academic, and professional success.

oung girl wearing a red hoodie practising oracy skills in a Little Voices lesson

The need for holistic development

Everyone at Little Voices shares Keir Starmer’s commitment to nurturing effective communication – or oracy – skills among our children and young people, because it aligns with the fundamental need for holistic development in our educational landscape.

The Cultural Learning Alliance states that: “For a happier, healthier childhood and adulthood we need the arts embedded in children’s lives, building their self-confidence, sense of identity, communication skills and resilience.”

And working with young people to enhance both their vocal skills and life skills within a unique framework are the very foundations that Little Voices was built on 16 years ago.

Oracy skills will carry children through life

Because the skills acquired through the performing arts go way beyond performance – they carry children through life.

Young people like Emma, who recently qualified as a dentist thanks to the 9 years she spent with Little Voices.

Or Ellena, who started having Little Voices lessons when she was just 8 years old and is now an award-winning franchisee.

Or Grace, one of our very first pupils back in 2007 who went on to gain a degree in drama and now works at our Head Office as Business Development Manager.

Or Logan, who went from super-shy to super-confident in just 3 months.

The skills all these young people learned at Little Voices – and the tens of thousands more just like them – helped them find their voice and gave them the confidence to be whatever they wanted to be.

Banging the drum and knocking on doors

So as funding for formal performing arts education continues to be cut due to pressures in core subjects, everyone at Little Voices will continue to bang the drum – very loudly – about the importance of harnessing the power of the performing arts to foster essential oracy skills in children and adolescents.

It’s why we’ll continue to knock on the doors of schools across the UK to see how we can support their arts curriculum so their students aren’t missing out.

And it’s why we can’t wait to see schools finally given the funding they so desperately need to help our children find their voice.

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