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Hi, I’m Kerry the principal of Little Voices West Kent. Having grown up in Gillingham, I am delighted to be sharing our fun and inspirational singing & drama classes with the children and young people of Kent. We’ve taught hundreds of local children over the past 7 years, and we continue to welcome children of all ages to train in the arts with us at our centre.

We understand how important it is for children to be the best they can be, and this is why our outstanding staff and tutors provide the very highest level of training in all of our singing lessons, drama classes, and musical theatre workshops in West Kent. We recognize the need to support children’s wellbeing after they have been in ‘lockdown’ for months with no social interaction. Our lessons will help your child reintegrate back into normal life and build back any confidence that has been lost during the pandemic.

Children make friends for life at Little Voices, and it is our greatest pleasure to teach singing and drama, while watching every child who attends our classes grow in confidence, make lasting friendships and develop vital life skills for their future.

We have been SO excited to welcome our students back to in-person classes!
We still have some spaces for our enrollment in February so call now to secure your FREE TRIAL.

Does your child love to sing and act?
Has lockdown taken its toll on your child’s creativity and social development?
Would you like to build your child’s communication skills?

Watch our introduction video for an insight into how Little Voices can be right for you


Lessons we offer
Mini Voices Little Voices Voices
Mini VoicesLittle VoicesVoices
About our Lessons


Our ‘Mini Voices’ lessons are for 4 to 7 year olds delivered in small class sizes. The lessons introduce children to performing arts through fun and inspiring Drama and Singing lessons. We aim to build children’s confidence, develop their communication skills, and nurture their individual talent.

Pupils work towards an end of year LAMDA examination in Communication. This will involve each child reciting a poem and talking about a show and tell.



Our ‘Little Voices’ lessons are designed for children aged 8 to 11 years. Classes are small in size and are grouped according to age and ability. Little Voices singing and drama lessons cover a variety of musical theatre performances. They work in a group to learn how to work as a ‘cast’, professional skills for stage work, and blending voices. end of year LAMDA musical theatre, acting or speaking verse and prose exam. During these lessons we cover; characterisation, expression, script work and working together, as well as nurturing each child’s young singing voices and acting talent.

Little Voices pupils work towards an end of year LAMDA examination in Musical Theatre. This involves them performing a pre-rehearsed script with their peers to show a range of skills, including the ability to perform through song.

VOICES (12-18)

Our ‘Voices’ lessons are directed at secondary school aged children, aged 12+. The lessons include more advanced skill development, in depth knowledge of how the voice works, breathing techniques, and the ability to reflect on a characters intentions and feelings in a variety of settings. We work together towards LAMDA examinations in Musical Theatre and Acting, both as groups and as individuals. At the higher grade levels, pupils are eligible to receive UCAS points from their LAMDA achievements.

Our Voices pupils in the past have successfully participated in extra-curricular vocal competitions locally and we look forward to more opportunities to help showcase their talents.