What makes Little Voices different to other singing and drama classes?

There’s such a wide a range of singing and drama classes to choose from these days. So how do you decide which one is right for your child? And what makes Little Voices different to all the others?

Four children in a line on a stage. They're wearing red Little Voices hoodies and are acting out a scene from a play where they're pointing wildly at themselves.

Start by thinking about your child’s needs

Firstly, think about what they want to get out of them. Why are they going? Is it because they love performing in front of a crowd? Or is it to help them in other areas of their life with things like confidence and social skills?

Next, think about the type of environment that suits your child best. Do they enjoy being part of a larger group? Or are they more comfortable in one that’s smaller and more intimate?

How do you both feel about exams and qualifications?

And don’t forget that as parents or carers, we’re all busier than ever. So whichever singing and drama classes you choose, they need to work around you and the rest of your family, as well as your child.

For example, if your weekends are generally taken up with children’s parties, or visiting friends and family who live further afield, then look for a class that takes place during the week. You don’t want to be paying for weekend classes that your child will be missing more than they’ll be attending!

Are our singing and drama classes right for you?

We’ll put this out there now – if you’re looking for a performing arts school who puts on big shows all the time, Little Voices might not be for you.

Of course, we run workshops and theatre weeks during half-term breaks and school holidays, where your child will enjoy the thrill of putting together a whole production from start to finish (and have the chance to shine on stage if they want to). And they don’t have to come to our weekly classes to take part in those.

But our weekly singing and drama classes are for you if you’re looking for somewhere your child:

  • won’t get lost at the back
  • can enjoy the benefits of both singing and drama
  • will get plenty of opportunity to practice their skills
  • will learn to work as part of a team
  • will develop vital life skills
  • will thrive in a safe, supportive environment where they can express how they’re feeling – which is hugely important for their mental health

Why do we place such importance on LAMDA exams?

As well as learning how to cope with pressure and nerves in any situation (think class presentations, college interviews, and eventually even a best man’s speech!), because some of LAMDA’s higher grade exams carry UCAS points, your child will also be at an automatic advantage when it comes to college or university applications.

And because we make the opportunity to be entered for LAMDA exams such a positive experience, we help take away the fear the word ‘exam’ holds for so many of us!

Young girl with blonde hair wearing a red Little Voices hoodie. She's standing in front of a multi-coloured climbing frame in a school gym and holding up a LAMDA certificate.

Why do we keep our class sizes so small?

By deliberately keeping our class sizes small, we can do things that – with the best will in the world – just aren’t possible in a larger group.

For example, every Little Voices lesson starts with 5 minutes of circle time, where each child can share their week with the rest of the group.

A group of young children wearing red Little Voices hoodies sitting in a circle with a Little Voices tutor at the front.

It’s a vital part of our lessons, we never underestimate its power, and the children look forward to it every week – it’s ring-fenced time for them to talk about what’s made them happy, as well as what’s maybe not gone so well for them.

It helps us really connect with every single child, learn what makes them tick, and recognise when they may need a bit of extra support (or a friendly ear).

Our tutors are our heartbeat

We hand-pick our talented tutors for their passion for the performing arts and their absolute commitment to bringing out the best in every child.

One of our tutors, Lisa Pugh from Little Voices Hackney and Little Voices South West London, told us:

“I think we add massively to children’s confidence. I’ve had many students come with little, or no, confidence and since attending our classes their confidence has grown immeasurably!

“Being able to simply stand up in class and share their thoughts or ideas is something some kids find hard. It takes confidence, and Little Voices tutors can help with this.”

Another of our tutors, Beth Watson, added:

“We give children the confidence to try, experiment, make a mistake, correct things, and work out the best way forward. And we give them the resilience to deal with all of that.

“But for me, the power of the imagination is just the most imperative. Think about it – how can anything be discovered/created/invented without imagination? And how do you ‘train’ imaginative thinking? Through the arts, of course!”

See what we mean? Their passion and commitment just shine through!

All the benefits of one-to-one acting or singing tuition

In essence, enrolling your child with Little Voices is like sending them to one-to-one acting or singing tuition, because that’s the quality of teaching they’ll be receiving – all with the added benefits of new friendships and boosted social skills that come from being part of a small group.

And the absolute best bit is that they’ll always have lots of fun and come away from their lesson with a spring in their step and a massive smile on their face!

If you’d like to see if Little Voices is right for your child, why not book in for a free trial class? Just contact your local Little Voices office to find out more.