When confidence comes calling

Confidence. Composure. Self-assurance.

All such important qualities, and the reason we do what we do.

Because building confidence in children and young people will set them up with skills they can use throughout their life, and in situations that might not be immediately obvious.

Ruby’s story

Group of 3 young girls in front of a stage. Two are sitting, one is standing. They're all wearing red Little Voices tops, and the girl standing is holding a pink fluffly pen.

One of our younger pupils, 7-year-old Ruby, unexpectedly found herself harnessing some of those skills in the very saddest of circumstances.

Ruby has been coming along to classes with Little Voices Fylde since November 2023.

She was extremely close to her Nanna (June) – visiting her and her Grandad every week, where they had so much fun together.

Ruby’s mum, Natalie, picks up the story in her own words.

“Nanna basically became a child around her grandchildren, oozing silliness at every opportunity. She just couldn’t adult when the grandkids were around!

“As June’s funeral approached, and I practised my speech the night before, I explained to Ruby that I may not be able to read it on the day due to emotion and nerves – but that it was ok, as someone else would read it if I needed them to.

“Ruby turned to me and said: ‘Mummy, you just have to be confident. Can I do a speech about Nanna?’ She then found an A4 piece of paper, drew lines with her ruler, and wrote a few short sentences about her special Nanna.

“On the day of June’s funeral, Ruby had her handwritten speech and was determined to stand up and say something for Nanna, so there was no turning back for me.

“My heart was beating faster and faster as I saw the amount of people waiting to celebrate June’s life – the crematorium was full, with people spilling outside – but there was no way I wasn’t reading my speech now. Ruby’s strength became my strength, and I just had to suck up my nerves.

“Ruby stood up first and, stretching to reach the microphone, she read off her handwritten letter. My heart burst with pride and I know Nanna would have been crying her eyes out.

“I know I have Little Voices to thank for this.”

And when we hear stories like this, our own hearts burst with pride, too.

Ellena Morgan, who runs Little Voices Fylde, tells us:

“I was incredibly touched to hear Ruby had stood up to speak at her grandma’s funeral. It’s very special to hear she is using her growing confidence skills, and to be able to do something like that at such a young age is so admirable!

“Here at Little Voices, we’re celebrating Ruby and how brave she’s been. We’re all so proud of her!”

If you’re feeling inspired by Ruby’s story, and would like to help your child develop the kind of confidence that will carry them through life, find your nearest class and book a free trial lesson.

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