Our pupils inspire us every single day!

This is Maryam. She is just 10 years old.

Friday 17th Feb 2023

Maryam has been coming to Little Voices for over a year. She has done a few of our theatre week camps now, including our February 2023 half term camp – “School of Rock”. During the “School of Rock” performance, Maryam’s big line was coming up and she just couldn’t say it and completely froze on stage. She felt overwhelmed by all of the audience looking at her and this is the first time we had seen her have a wobble.She sat on stage with tears pouring down her face, it was heart breaking to watch.
All of the other children were reassuring her and checking she was okay.
We pulled her off stage and she had a chat with one of our amazing tutors Kirsty who reassured her, expressed how much we believe in her and that she CAN do this. Maryam held our hands until she was ready to go back on stage.
And WOW she performed incredibly.
This little girl took a big deep breath, wiped away her tears and told herself she could do it. The applause from the audience at the end of the show said it all. Maryam came off stage and with a huge cheesy grin on her face and said how proud she was of herself. We all had a group hug to celebrate this achievement and to show Maryam that actually anything is possible and to never EVER give up.
Maryam came into lessons the following week with the biggest grin on her face. She gave myself and Kirsty the most gorgeous flowers and chocolates (so unexpected!) and even told her group about her experience on the theatre week as her “news”. Expressing how “proud” she was of herself and we couldn’t be more proud if we tried!
Thank you Maryam for inspiring us and anyone reading this story. But mostly thank you for being YOU!