Lesson Groups

Lesson Groups
Minis, Littles & Voices

MINI VOICES (Ages 4 – 7)

Our “Mini Voices” lessons are for children aged 4 – 7 years. Children are introduced to performing arts through energetic, fun and inspiring lessons in drama and singing. We explore the voice and body and encourage pupils to explore their creativity and imaginations through fun exercises and games. We also aim to develop key skills such as confidence building, communication and team work- skills to use in our every day lives!

Our ‘Minis’ also work towards a LAMDA communication qualification in which they have to recite a poem and talk about their favourite toy / book.


LITTLE VOICES (Ages 7 – 12)

Our ‘Little Voices’ lessons are for children aged 8 – 12.  Our lesson groups are split accordingly and we always aim to find the best class for every child.

Our fun and professional tutors take our ‘Littles’ on a journey through acting and singing development. With a particular emphasis on musical theatre. We explore the voice, characterisation, script work, improvisations, devised pieces and pay close attention to breath control and vocal techniques. Pupils work towards LAMDA qualifications in either musical theatre, acting or verse and prose. In which they can do as a group, duo or solo.


VOICES (Ages 13-18)

Our ‘Voices’ lessons are for young people aged 13- 18. Our professional and inspiring tutors train our ‘Voices’ pupils to become all rounded performers. We explore drama and singing in its entirety- with a particular emphasis on vocal techniques, breath control, finding our voices, in depth character study, improvisations, devised pieces, acting for camera, script work and script writing.

Pupils work towards LAMDA qualifications in either musical theatre, acting or verse and prose. We encourage our pupils to do solo or duo exams for Grades 6, 7 and 8- as these go towards UCAS points for University!