Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week

1 in 6 children & young people have a diagnosable mental health condition. We are so proud to be supporting Place2Be and raising awareness for Children’s Mental Health 🧠 ✨

We have been focusing and encouraging our pupils to consider how they have grown and how they can help others to grow. 🌱

With our Mini Voices we discussed times when we struggled to do something but persevered, one example was learning to ride their bikes 🚲We then talked about the important things plants need in order to grow and linked this to personal growth. 🌻 💚

With our Little Voices we looked at our ‘Support Balloons’ 🎈 . We discussed and wrote down all the people in our lives that are in our support balloon, who help us to grow and in turn, who we help support💚


Finally, our Voices classes reflected on their current achievements. We introduced the idea of writing a letter to their younger self- What advice can you give to your younger self to keep going and reassure that everything is going to be OK, even when you’re having a bad day ☔️

They all did a SUPER job at opening up and feeling slightly vulnerable. ❤️

No child or young person should have to deal with mental health problems on their own. Important conversations need to be had and we continue to support our pupils ❤️