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Little Voices Fylde boss makes big contribution to children’s education. The spotlight has been turned on Ellena Morgan’s work building children’s confidence and life skills through performing arts. Singer and business owner Ellena Morgan is celebrating being shortlisted for a special award.

Ellena, 27, from Longridge, is the principal of Little Voices Fylde which provides training in musical theatre and performing arts for youngsters.

She is a finalist in this year’s BBC Lancashire Make A Difference awards, singled out for her role as an outstanding education provider.

Ellena said: “The awards will be held in September, and I am honoured to be invited. I am delighted to be a finalist.”

She said she believes her role has been especially important in the past year helping youngsters through lockdown. She said: “I just want to help as many children as I possibly can through this confusing time, as well as acknowledging the arts and how important they truly are for a child’s personal development.”

She continued: “We build confidence in children through musical theatre/ performing arts. It’s been a really tough time for everyone in the performing arts sector but I have been so lucky to be able to continue to run my lessons and for parents to actually see the value of all the skills taught through performing arts and to be able to keep my musical theatre tutors in work.”

She said her lockdown classes enabled children to continue to develop essential life skills and build their confidence. She added: “I managed to create a safe bubble for children to explore their emotions, maintain social interaction, continue to develop skills, have a good sing and of course have fun. From the minute we went into lockdown I have continued to provide children’s performing arts education that is so vital in developing children’s life skills. Never have the skills for life mattered more. Confidence, positivity, resilience and creativity have helped carry our pupils through. ”

Ellena also went one step further. She said: “I’ve also used any additional time to provide free performing arts workshops/ mindset and resilience workshops using musical theatre, to any child that may had lost confidence, felt anxious, or just needed a little outlet for their energy.”

She hopes to continue this work in schools and believes it can be an overlooked area of education.

Ellena, who attended St Cecilia’s High School, Longridge and Preston’s Newman College, and trained with the founder of Little Vocies, added: ” I have also been working closely with Blackpool Winter Gardens’to encourage children to visit the theatre when we finally can and enjoy the magic of live performance.”