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Welcome to Little Voices
Guildford High School

At Little Voices Guildford High we welcome children aged 4 – 11 years providing Performing Arts training teaching Singing and Drama to the highest standard whilst building confidence and promoting children’s personal and social development.

Little Voices Lessons are more beneficial than a 1:1 private lesson. Little Voices gives your child specific individual tuition within a group of only eight children. This is crucial for helping your child to work within ‘a cast’ and acquire the necessary group skills and individual tuition for achieving success in every area of their life.

The vocal and dramatic techniques are taught in an exciting yet disciplined way and we pride ourselves on building your child’s confidence and self belief whilst promoting good posture, articulation, projection, clarity and diction. As well as providing the highest level of performing arts training we pride ourselves on the way in which our lessons in drama and singing nurture your child’s confidence.

  • Small class sizes

  • Working towards accredited musical theatre examinations through LAMDA

  • 100% examination pass rate, over 98% at MERIT and DISTINCTION

  • Showings of exam pieces for parents

  • After school lessons leaving weekends free

Lessons we offer
Little Voices
Little Voices

Lessons take place for years 3-6 on Mondays at Guildford High School from 3.45pm.

We hope to return to in-person lessons in September and information on our lessons will be sent out by the school out via parent mail Mid-August. Lessons will commence on Monday 13th September.