What Makes Little Voices Special?

What Makes Little Voices Special?

Red graphic with the words when is a drama club not a drama club?

“The classes at the drama club down the road are cheaper than Little Voices”

“The classes at other performing arts schools last longer than Little Voices”

“The drama club in this area puts on lots of shows, why doesn’t Little Voices?”

We get comments and questions like this regularly, so it is time to clear things up. Little Voices is not a Drama Club. We offer expert teaching in both singing and drama – but we are not a stage school, and not a drama club.

A group of children at a Little Voices class doing a drama lesson.Choosing Little Voices isn’t just about enrolling your child in performing arts classes. Little Voices is about uncovering their creativity, nurturing their confidence and giving them essential transferable skills that will help them time and again as they go through life.

Skills such as:

  • Good eye contact
  • Proper breathing
  • The ability to manage nerves and anxiety
  • Effective speaking and presenting skills
  • Improved diction and pronunciation 
  • Teamwork and social skills

Little Voices creates and environment where your child’s confidence will blossom and they’ll develop a passion for learning that goes beyond performance.

We prioritise personalised learning and individual attention whilst creating a safe space for your child. We really do put them at the heart of everything we do ♥ 

At Little Voices we aim to build well-rounded individuals who feel comfortable in their own skin with the confidence to be the best that they can be and embrace their full potential. 

Want to find out more? Please get in touch with our Principal Katie:

📧 katie@littlevoices.org.uk 

📞 07366464332

We would love to talk to you about how Little Voices could help your family.

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