Shining a spotlight on our Little Voices tutors!

Let’s talk about our Little Voices tutors.

Because if you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ll have read lots of stories about our fabulous Little Voices franchisees, as well as some of our pupils who’ve gone on to achieve amazing success in different walks of life.

You’ll have read tips about what to look for when choosing a children’s activity provider, what makes Little Voices different, and the multitude of ways our lessons can benefit our children and teens.

Along with articles celebrating our award wins, business achievements, and franchise milestones.

But one thing we haven’t really talked about on here enough are our tutors, so in some ways they’re our unsung heroes.

Because our tutors are the ones who make the Little Voices magic happen – week in, week out.

They bring their sparkling personalities, boundless enthusiasm, and inspiring creativity into every lesson they teach.

And of course, they’re incredibly talented, too!

So this is the first in a series of blog posts that shines the spotlight on this incredible team of people – because without them, there wouldn’t be any Little Voices classes!

Meet Tilly – one of our Musical Theatre tutors at Little Voices North Hampshire

Tilly has been working with Jackie Harrison for Little Voices North Hampshire since Jackie launched there in May 2022.

“It’s been the most incredible year,” Tilly says. “I’ve loved every second of it and wouldn’t change it for the world!”

After completing her professional training at Performers College in Essex, Tilly went on to continue her development at the British Institute of Modern Music in London, where she’s currently in her second year.

Young woman smiling and wearing a red Little Voices hoodie. She is one of our tutors at Little Voices North Hampshire.

Tilly tells us: “I’ve been performing for as long as I can remember, and it’s always been a dream of mine to be a singer and make a career out of it.”

Which is why, when she’s not teaching at Little Voices, you’ll either find her studying or performing – whether that’s at a private event, a restaurant or bar, or even in her local pub.

Tilly always worked with children in her previous part-time jobs, which she found so rewarding.

So when the chance to become a part of the Little Voices team came about, she jumped at it as it was a way for her to combine her two favourite areas of work together.

“I teach little ones to be confident and push themselves to fulfil their full performing potential,” Tilly explains.

“Being able to pass on my love for music and the arts is so wonderful, and seeing my students transform into such self-assured little performers is what makes me love every second of being a Little Voices tutor.

“Knowing I’m having a positive impact on their lives, whilst watching them grow as individuals, is so humbling and fulfilling.”

“This is why I do what I do”

Tilly’s had several “This is why I do what I do!” moments since she started working with Little Voices as one of our tutors.

She tells us: “One poignant moment that stands out to me was during our Showcase, where we gave out ‘Rising Star’ awards.

“I decided to give one little girl the Minis award as when she first walked into her class, she hadn’t even started school! She was so timid and reserved, and hardly said a word.

“Now, she walks in with a huge grin on her face, giggling away, and ready to sing her heart out! Her progress is outstanding, and I’m so proud to call her one of my students.”

What would you say to anyone thinking about becoming a Little Voices tutor? 

“Being a tutor for Little Voices is a chance to be a part of something truly special, all whilst inspiring young aspiring performers.

“With its strong sense of community, supportive mentorship, and a commitment to excellence, it’s like joining the very best little family.”

Tutors like Tilly are the heartbeat of Little Voices – inspiring, motivating, and supporting our pupils each and every week.

If Tilly’s story has piqued your interest, and you’d like to find out more about tutor opportunities in your area, get in touch with us today by emailing!