Little Voices Lead Tutor Contact Details

Little Voices Lead Tutor Contact Details

Here are our lead tutor email addresses. Please only contact them if you need to reach us about our lessons.

Alternatively, Ashlea Bateup (principal) will reply to you upon her return from her holiday.

Thank you.

Lizi Cole (Putney, Richmond, Christs School and OVS): 

Lisa Michelle Pugh (CBPPS, Fulham, Kensington Wade & Oasis Academy):

Amy Gough (SPJ & Carlisle Infants): 

Laura Kressly (OHS, SPJ, Ewell Castle):

Tim Houston (Dolphin & PHS): 

Francesca Tudor – Whelan (St Johns Walham Green & PHS):

Emily Rodriguez (CBPPS):

James Thomas (TPS):

Nicole McClean (Unicorn School, The Roche, St James & Sheen mount):