Why is confidence so important?

Why is confidence so important?

Confidence is a crucial life skill that influences a child’s ability to navigate social interactions, academic challenges, and future career opportunities. Growing up in today’s society is challenging for all children, with so much to handle from an early age and the added pressures that social media brings.

I once heard that a confident child is a happy one, and I couldn’t agree more. This isn’t just the children who are born to be on the stage, but the children who have the confidence to speak out, and be able to go through life as they wish. The children who have the confidence to ask for their own bus ticket, create friendships and not be too nervous about putting their hand up at school. And as these children get older, the children who have the confidence when they join high school to just go for it and going into their adult life can positively handle interviews.


Some children are just born to be confident, others it can take more time. It might be that they need that little bit of extra help to believe in themselves. That’s where lessons like Little Voices can help; specifically tailored to building confidence by building conversational and social skills through the Performing Arts. We create a safe environment for children to express themselves creatively and develop a sense of self-assurance.

Confidence is important for a child’s general happiness and to help create a well rounded individual. They don’t need to be the next big star, but confidence will certainly help them conquer lots of things that little people need to conquer!

My Confidence Journey

I’m Evie, the Principal of Little Voices Suffolk and the Performing Arts have taken me on my own confidence journey. Through Little Voices, I can now share what I have learnt about confidence and performing with the next generation – something I truly love!

A little bit about me…

I started Performing Arts classes when I was 6, but I wasn’t the outgoing, confident child. In fact, I was the complete opposite and would hide in the corner! I would help with the register and tick everyone in, but when it came to any singing, acting or dancing I would not join in. This continued for a while and my parents thought about taking me out of the class, but one week I joined in and had the best time. I haven’t looked back since!

Since then, I went on to train in Musical Theatre professionally but ultimately decided my passion lies in teaching and helping others. I have worked as a Support Worker for people with additional needs for the last 4 years alongside performing and teaching. All of the skills that the Performing Arts develop are important for all children and our classes and workshops at Little Voices Suffolk will be as inclusive as possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits.

The Performing Arts have taught me so many skills that help me in my every day life from being an effective communicator, leadership skills and teamwork. The one skill that is at the centre of all of these is confidence!

How can we ensure that our children are confident?

Evie’s 5 Top Tips for Building Confidence:

Give praise where praise is due

Focus on praising the effort and progress as well as the outcome. This teaches children that hard work and perseverance are valuable, regardless of the result.

Encourage social connections

By encouraging them to make friends and engage in group activities. Positive social interactions and friendships boost their sense of belonging and self-worth. Teach them social skills like empathy, active listening, and cooperation.

Let them make their own decisions

Obviously you can guide them if necessary, but allowing children to make choices and take on responsibilities appropriate for their age helps them feel capable and in control.

Create a Safe and Supportive Environment

Ensure that children feel safe to express themselves and take risks without fear of harsh criticism or ridicule. Encourage open communication, listen to their concerns, and provide reassurance.

And of course send them to Little Voices Suffolk

We create a safe space where we can get to know them, nurture their special talent and build their life skills.

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